Tuition fee for 2017-2018: 10 500 Euros per year.

The tuition fee is valid for the duration of the school year: 10 months (September 1st - June 30th). It can be paid: monthly in 10 installments, three times per year (with a 3% discount), yearly (5% discount).

For siblings, there is a 10% discount.

The basic fee is to be paid in its entirety regardless of  the number of absences.

The tuition fee (the level of the fee in Euros) is contractually guaranteed for an entire school  cycle (for the duration of high school).

If you would like more information about the admission process for High School, please follow this link

Other fees:

Application fee:  100 euros.

Payment due when the application is filed; Non-refundable.

Registration Fee:  300 euros.

One time only; Non-refundable. Included on the first invoice issued for the student.

 Annual resources fee:  500 Euros (non-renewable materials, textbooks, manuals, subscriptions, study-guides).

Included in the first invoice of each academic year.

School Meals: 90 Euros/month.

Examination Fees: the individual candidates’ parents are responsible for covering the exam fees, which are set by Cambridge International Examinations The school will prepare entry papers for the examinations, and provision will be made for staged payments if required. Examinations fees documents will be prepared by the Examinations Officer each academic year, in advance of the deadline for payments to be made.