14 May
A new concept of the Avenor’s Summer School

What do inventions, music, nature, fashion, hospitality and tourism have in common? At Avenor Summer Expeditions, each of these concepts becomes a theme that children can explore for a week through activities that will stimulate them to make decisions, have initiative, find solutions, but also self-assess and adapt to change. We invite you to learn more about the new concept of Avenor’s Summer School, designed by more than 20 teachers, from the text written by Cristina Farcaș, the project coordinator.

The Avenor Summer Expeditions resulted from the desire of the people who are part of the Avenor community and wish to provide educational activities that are relevant to children’s future. We have created this unique program by combining present-day themes and methods with a transdisciplinary impact with non-formal activities to ensure children an interactive educational environment all throughout the summer.

The specific themes are points of interest suitable for all learning styles. Each of them presents an equivalent in the lives of children, being relevant and useful for their future: SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), music, fashion, survival in nature, hospitality and tourism.

The learning methods used during the summer school programme stimulate children to think critically, to make decisions, to explore their point of interest, to organise themselves in teams, to lead, to evaluate their work, to find solutions, to communicate their learning outcomes and to adapt permanently.

The Project-Based Learning approach will help them acquire all these abilities while having fun working on all kinds of projects that will be presented at the end of each week, during Assembly sessions. The contact with real life will not be experienced in classes, but in real life, during carefully planned trips, or while interacting with various specialists invited among them.

Avenor Summer Expeditions is a unique educational programme designed by over 20 Avenor teachers and whose continuous check with reality is ensured by its most relevant beneficiaries: children – we start the planning process taking into account their ideas and interests in order to create the greatest learning expedition.

You can find all the details regarding the types of programmes, activities and fees included in the Avenor Summer Expeditions Presentation.

Cristina FARCAȘ
Summer School Coordinator

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