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07 Jul

Before saying farewell to the Avenor High School Class of 2020, we challenged them to a discussion about their school experience, lessons learned, and also about the principles with which they continue their journey through life. Some answers surprised us and made us think, others delighted us and gave us confidence that the future is in good hands. We invite you to discover how 13 teenagers with “big souls and open minds” see the world from a text written by the one who interviewed them, Raluca Mihăilă, Marketing strategist • Writer • Photographer.

29 Jun

The Avenor Summer Expeditions School begins a new stage, the result of the development of the programme around the options of children and parents in our community, from nursery and school. We invite you to find out the story of this project, written by the Summer School Coordinator, Cristina Farcaș.

11 Jun

Our scholarship students reunited for one last time this school year to create their end-of-year video project called “Our New World”. They used Zoom to meet and brainstorm, Google Sheets to plan and organise and their digital skills to create a video on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on a personal and global level. We invite you to read more about the making of this project.

21 May

Timp de 2 săptămâni, 13 dintre profesorii de la școală și grădiniță au susținut 13 ateliere despre învățarea online pentru profesorii de la școlile de stat. A fost un adevărat maraton în care profesorii de la Avenor College și-au împărtășit experiența acumulată în cele 2 luni de școală de la distanță prin sesiuni tematice pe Zoom. Vă invităm să aflați mai multe despre această experiență de la un profesor care a susținut 4 dintre aceste ateliere, Mari Nicolae, învățătoare și coordonator PBL.

14 May

At Avenor College, March 13th marked the moment when learning moved from classes full of energy, curiosity and emotion to the online, artificial and unknown environment. What has followed over the last two months feels completely different to what we may have initially expected. To get from the caution and skepticism of the beginning, to […]

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