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14 May

Proiectul elevilor de clasa a 7-a „Pagini de vlog” ajunge la final în această săptămână. În cele 5 episoade filmate de echipa „Alfa cu cartea”, sub îndrumarea Oanei Ungureanu, profesoara de limba română, copiii fac recomandări de lectură. Iar în episodul final, povestea și peripețiile se mută pe Zoom. 

30 Apr

Parenting Advice (part of the ‘School from Home’ initiative coordinated by the PSHE Department) I thought long and hard about what would be an appropriate topic to write about in the ‘Parenting Advice’ section of the Weekly Bulletin. After tapping into my personal self-isolation experience and talking with parents from the Avenor community, it became […]

15 Apr

The students’ interactions with their teachers and colleagues have moved to virtual platforms, and the admission process has been transformed into a series of Zoom meetings. Find out how we implemented all of these changes and how they impact learning from an interview with Mihaela Ancuta, Mathematics Curriculum Leader at Avenor College. Avenor College: For […]

30 Mar

Until February 2020, our life was passing by it at its natural pace. We were curious about what was happening in China and Asia, but we never thought it would get to us.  Here is a new virus, not even a very powerful one and it has managed to slow down, without much effort, the […]

26 Mar

Does the fact that Nursery children can talk to their teachers via Zoom help them express their feelings in this period? How can Avenor Nursery provide opportunities for children to further develop relationships with peers, even online? How does Avenor Nursery offer support to parents in the virtual learning new era? These are the questions […]

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