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03 Oct

Dana Papadima, our Educational Director, talks about the bilingual profile of our school and about celebrating the national identity, an essential element in the profile of the Avenor College graduate. The bilingual profile of Avenor College makes elements of British language and civilisation coexist harmoniously and balanced with those of Romanian language and culture. Speaking […]

02 Oct

Tania Răduță, Avenor Nursery Educational Coordinator, talks about the emotion and challenges of new beginnings and also about the “power of learning” guiding children, parents and the nursery team on their educational journey.

27 Sep

Mirela Voicu, Upper Primary Coordinator, explains the role of the game in the process the children go through when they make the transition from nursery to school in the Pregatitoare grade. “To ensure a good start for the students from Pregatitoare, we, the teachers, adhere to Edouard Claparède’s statement – “The game is the best […]

25 Sep

Ramona Mucenic, Upper Primary Coordinator at Avenor College, talks about preparing students for the transition between school cycles, about school themes and Project-Based Learning (PBL).

24 Sep

Dana Papadima, directorul nostru educațional, scrie despre vizita Cristinei Bazavan, jurnalist și blogger, care le-a oferit elevilor de clasa a 7-a câteva idei despre cum să-și creeze un vlog de lectură.

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