18 Sep
Excellent results at Cambridge exams

Andrew Sutton, High School Coordinator, talks about our students’ results at IGCSE and A level exams and about the news of the year for 6th form students (grades 11 and 12).

Dear students and parents,

It is my great pleasure to congratulate you all on the amazing exam results that you achieved this summer – Avenor’s best ever.

I was so pleased and so proud for Romania to see Simona Halep triumph at Wimbledon this year.  It even coincided with some warm weather in the UK! Her victory immediately struck me as an analogy for the challenge our students face with their exams each year.  With the right aptitude, the right training, focus and preparation great results can materialise. 

The challenges of A level are an even closer analogy – the difficulty and complexity of those A levels are such, that even with hard work and preparation students don’t always end up with the result they hoped for. Simona can’t always expect to be the Wimbledon Champion. 

Indeed, A grades at A level are what get you in to Oxford and Cambridge university – such are the challenge they pose. With this in mind it was particularly significant that this year, Avenor students managed to achieve a full set of A grades at IGCSE, AS and A2 level. These are wonderful and rare achievements.  

I am looking forward to the significant developments this year. 
One of them will bring our older students the privilege of using the facilities of our new 6th form centre
Moving to A level requires an even greater sense of maturity, responsibility and self-discipline. To reflect this, we have converted the clubs building in to a 6th form centre with a common room, classrooms and two study rooms. 
We aim to provide the environment in which they will flourish and develop in to young adults, supported in their aims, plans and ambitions.

Finally, I wish to emphasise that as well as academic success that opens doors to the next stage in a student’s academic career, I am pleased that we have developed an LOTC (Learning Outside Of the Classroom) programme to provide experiences beyond the study of IGCSE or A level and support building wider characteristics that will be equally important in these young people’s lives.

I look forward to working with you all this coming year.”

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