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Avenor Events

The Avenor Events Calendar is designed to complement classroom activities by providing students with experiences that support their personal, emotional and social development. At the same time, these activities play a very important role in the development of our community – students, parents, teachers - encouraging communication, teamwork and constructive feedback..

  • Avenor Forest Run

Organised at the end of the first month of school, the Avenor Forest Run promotes movement as a lifestyle and aims to raise funds for charitable projects. Participants - children, parents, and teachers - compete in the races organised by age categories, assisted by an enthusiastic team of Avenor College student volunteers. Romsilva is our partner for this event.

  • Sports Olympics

An event dedicated to all Avenor students, the Sports Olympics is a competition organised for teams corresponding to our House Points system. Participants in the red, yellow, blue and green teams take part in fun games, basketball, football, and handball matches in an exciting and fun competition.

  • Costume Day at Avenor College

Costumes and elaborate make-ups, ingenious workshops and games, musical and dance moments, and the traditional parade of costumes. Costume Day at Avenor College is about all this, but especially about teamwork: students, teachers, coordinators, organizers who work together and enjoy together a moment of celebration.

  • Book Days

At Avenor College, we value books and celebrate them each year. The Book Days event is the perfect opportunity for Avenor students to discuss their favorite books and characters, create projects around them and purchase volumes from the book fair that we hold in the school.

  • Winter Shows

All Avenor students are preparing to give their parents an artistic gift at the end of the calendar year. From preparatory to high school, each class presents a theater, music and dance performance. And middle school and high school students stage a genuine show celebrating Christmas.

  • Teachers for Children

Prior to the winter holidays, the Avenor College campus is adorned with winter decorations and filled with Christmas carols. During class breaks, teachers go caroling in school and invite students to join them. And at the end of the day, all of us - students, teachers, parents - get together on the outdoor sports ground and sing carols together.

  • Interschool Talent Show

Our students participate every year at the Interschool Talent Show, an event that celebrates the artistic inclinations of students from international schools. Avenor College was the organiser of this event for two years in a row, in 2017 and 2018 - editions 5 and 6 - hosted at the "Ion Manu" Cultural Centre in Otopeni.

  • Science Fair

Organising an annual Science Fair at Avenor College gives pupils in primary and middle schools the opportunity to be involved in research projects and work in teams. Students create experiments, investigate assumptions, and make predictions, measure, calculate, and come to conclusions they present to colleagues and teachers. And for middle school students, a competition is organised, judged by our special guests.

  • International Women's Day

The day of March 8th became at Avenor College a celebration of our community, with flowers, good wishes, smiles, gifts and  gratitude.

  • Interschool Swimming Challenge

The Avenor College annual swimming competition brings together students aged 6 to 18 from several schools in Bucharest. It is an event where participants demonstrate fair play, encourages team spirit and collegiality.

  • Work in progress

Hundreds of artworks made by children aged 6 to 18 for the art project "Work in progress" are exhibited annually for a week in the art gallery at UniCredit Bank headquarters. The exhibition project is organized by Avenor College and has a different theme every year.

  • Interschool Chess Challenge

Avenor College hosts the Interschool Chess Challenge, a competition organised by the Chess School “Jocul celor 3 cai” and attended by students from several schools in Bucharest.

  • Avenor Awards

Every year, we celebrate with pride and respect the Avenor Awards winners: Brightest Star, Honour students and scholarship students. The Avenor Awards are granted to students who, during the school year, have had excellent academic results and have been models of behavior, attitude, and involvement for their colleagues and for our entire community.

  • The ballet recital

A show filled with colour, emotion and graceful show, Avenor College Ballet Recital brings to the stage the little ballerinas from Avenor Nursery and Avenor College which we can admire in solo and group performances, classical ballet or contemporary choreographies.

  • The piano, singing, and guitar recital

Every year, we are happy to see the results of the work of the Avenor College music clubs’ students taking part in the piano, guitar and singing recital.

  • Friends of the piano

The national piano competition "Friends of the Piano" is organised annually by Avenor College for children aged between 6 and 16 who study piano as an extracurricular / hobby activity (1- 2 hours per week). The event is divided into 2 sections, solo performances and 4 hands duet.

  • Cultural Celebration Day

The biggest event of the Avenor community, Cultural Celebration Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate together - children, parents, teachers - cultural diversity and the charity spirit. Parents in the community work in teams and organise stands that represent different cultures, and children, with the help of teachers, prepare musical and dance numbers. The charity project we are supporting during the school year 2018-2019 is "Ajungem mari," an educational program developed by the Lindenfeld Association for the benefit of children from placement centres in Bucharest. 

  • Summer Shows

All our students, from the Nursery, School and High School organise at the end of the school year music, dance and theater performances - the Summer Shows. Parents are invited to enjoy their children's performances and to celebrate together their artistic talent.

  • End of Year Ceremony 

Avenor students celebrate, together with parents and teachers, the end of the school year in a ceremony in which they honour together their year-long learning journey. The graduation diplomas the students receive mention the progress of each child, both at the academic level and at the level of personal development.

  • Learning Expeditions

During the last week of the school year, Avenor students go on trips in the country or abroad to enjoy new learning opportunities outside the classroom and to socialise in larger groups with schoolmates from other classes.