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The members of the Avenor College comunity - students, parents and teachers - are constantly involved in charitable projects, cultivating empathy and generosity, values ​​that are important to us.

Over time, charity projects organised by our school's parents and pupils were developed in partnership with charitable organisations such as World Vision Romania and Fundatia Inimă de Copil. During the school year 2017-2018, we have also started a partnership with another educational institution, the Ferdinand 1st school in Bucharest.

During the three years of partnership with World Vision Romania, two of main community events had a charity side: Avenor Forest Run - a sports event organised at the beginning of the school year in Băneasa Forest - and Cultural Celebration Day - the biggest charity event organised by our community of parents at the end of the school year. The amount donated by Avenor College exceeds 52,000 lei, funds used to support the project „I want to go to Grade 9” and help children from disadvantaged communities to continue their high school studies.

Our high school students also organise an anual Christmas Charity Fair and collect donations for Fundatia Inimă de Copil to support the project “One village, one child”, a monthly scholarship programme that benefits 40 children from 25 villages from Galati county. The partnership started in the school year 2017-2018 and the donation to the Foundation amount to about 50,000 lei.

The educational and charity partnership with Ferdinand 1st School began in the school year 2017-2018 with a generous gesture of our Grade 7 students who donated to Ferdinand students books in Romanian and English. Afterwards, a group of middle school students visited our school and joined our students in several activities.

At Avenor Nursery, it has become a tradition to organise a charity corner called “Lost & Found”. The purpose of this action is to donate clothing items unclaimed by parents. Other nursery events that have a charitable component include Friendship Week and Book Days, during which parents are encouraged to donate toys and books. The main recipient of these donations is World Vision Romania.

We want to continue and expand our charitable partnerships in future school years.