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Throughout the school year, Avenor College students take part in many important events and proudly wear the Avenor uniform as a sign of belonging to our community.

Wearing the uniform is mandatory, all of its articles bear the Avenor College inscriptions embroidered. 

The personalised Avenor uniform was introduced beginning with the school year 2014-2015, at the initiative of the Parents Committee. We opted for quality, lightweight, uni-colored materials that can be worn in all seasons.

To be easily recognisable and recovered if they are forgotten in school, all the uniform items have labels to write the name and class of the students.

The clothing elements are divided into three categories: formal, sportswear, day-to-day wear.


  • Avenor costume:

GIRLS: jacket + skirt / long trousers

BOYS: jacket + long / short trousers

    • Avenor shirt with long sleeve
    • Avenor tie
    • Socks / sheer tights (white, black, navy)
    • Simple shoes


  • Avenor shirt with or without tie
  • Avenor long-sleeved or short-sleeved T-shirt
  • Collared T-shirt, unisex, short or long sleeve
  • Avenor navy skirt
  • Avenor long or short trousers
  • Avenor navy cardigan
  • Avenor navy blue jacket
  • Avenor hoodie
  • Avenor tights


  • Avenor long sleeve shirt with or without tie
  • T-shirt with Avenor stripe with long or short sleeves
  • Collared T-shirt, unisex, short or long sleeve
  • Avenor long or short trousers
  • Avenor navy cardigan
  • Avenor navy blue jacket
  • Avenor hoodie


  • Navy gym suit
  • Long or short Avenor sports trousers
  • Avenor navy tights (girl)
  • Avenor sports T-shirt
  • Shoes (non slip) / NO - street shoes

Each child receives from school a backpack (Avenor sports backpack) to store and carry their sports equipment.

The formal attire must be worn by all students every Monday and at school events.

The day-to-day uniform will be worn from Tuesday to Thursday.

The sport uniform is for sports classes and the sports competitions that our students take part in.

Friday is Casual Friday, the day when students can dress in a different style, but their clothes must respect the principles of the uniform: simple, decent, comfortable


Avenor College provides transport by means of school-owned microbuses (Renault Traffic) or by means of dedicated microbuses, rented for this purpose. For the Avenor campus we provide transport from the following areas:


Corbeanca, Otopeni, Balotesti, Tunari;

Bucharest (in this case, with two fixed meeting points in the morning which are at Piata Presei Libere and Piata Charles de Gaulle).

Transport fees valid for the school year 2019 - 2020 are the following:

  • 795 Euro/year for a single trip (to or from school), and 1590 Euro /year for a round trip - in the Pipera area (Iancu Nicolae);
  • 990 Euro/year for a single trip (to or from school), and 1980 Euro /year for a round trip - in the Pipera area (Tunari);
  • 910 Euro/year for a single trip (to or from school), and 1820 Euro/year for a round trip in Bucharest (pick up points at Casa Presei and Charles de Gaulle square);
  • 945 Euro/year for a single trip (to or from school), and 1890 Euro/year for a round trip – in Otopeni and Balotesti area;
  • 1890 Euro/year for a round trip - in the Corbeanca area.

For these routes, the transport fees shall be paid in advance.

School meals

In Avenor College, we consider nutrition as an integral element in the education and development of the children in our community. Consequently, together with our parents, the nutritionist and the pediatrician, decided upon the Avenor College Nutrition Plan, detailing all aspects related to meals

We consider mealtimes to be part of the education experience, aiding the children’s social development. Teachers eat with the children, making sure that their students acquire healthy and polite eating habits.

Avenor College Cafeteria has a fully equipped kitchen where the team from Avenor Living cooks and serves lunch and afternoon snack for our students.

Meals are provided as follows:

  • The students’ morning snack is brought from home for 2 reasons, to get to know the nutritional habits acquired from their families, and secondly it is good opportunity to share with the others;
  • Lunch includes 2 options, the choices are: (1) meat menu or (2) dairy/vegetarian menu;
  • Mainly, lunch consists of: soup + main course + salad + bread / croutons / flat bread;
  • Afternoon snack consists of: cake / yogurt + fruit / cereal or granola / wrap / sandwich;
  • The menus were created to satisfy not only the children’s nutritional needs, but also their taste;
  • The menus are improved periodically depending on our observations and the feedback that we receive from parents

The cost of meals valid for the school year 2018 - 2019 is as follows:

  • 100 Euro/month for Grades 0 - 5
  • 120 Euro/ month for Grades 6 – 12

Avenor College aims to create a healthy environment that promotes the physical and psychological welfare of the children. We have a medical office in each building of the campus, equipped with the resources required for first aid. In our school and nursery school, we have healthcare staff (a pediatrician or pediatric nurse) who carry out on a daily basis the triage to ensure that sick students are sent home.

Avenor College has implemented a series of medical procedures aimed at minimising the risk of disease at school:

The Avenor College teachers and healthcare personnel monitor the children’s state of health on a daily basis. Any child who looks ill is isolated, their medical situation is evaluated through consultation with the healthcare personnel and, if necessary, the parents are contacted so as to come and take the child home;

We do not accept any sick children at school because of the risk of contagion to their colleagues.