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  • Andrew Sutton
Andrew Sutton
Andrew Sutton

High School Coordinator
It is my pleasure to introduce myself and also to be living temporarily in Romania and working at Avenor.  My name is Andrew Sutton and as well as being an experienced teacher and school leader, I am also a proud father of three children. The eldest two are starting their university careers in the UK, whilst our youngest has joined us here in Bucharest.
From a young age, my family moved regularly with my father’s work, both within the UK and overseas. This helped me to learn to adjust to new places and new situations as well as establishing a desire to continue to travel widely and to promote the idea of global citizenship.  My siblings and I (2 brothers, 1 sister) now work internationally and relish the challenges, but also the opportunities that such positions bring. I am keen to promote a love of learning as well as supporting the wider interests of our students at Avenor.   
After finishing my A levels, I spent a year in East Africa working for some charities and travelling around the region.  This was followed by my bachelor’s degree at the University of Exeter, studying History and Archaeology.  Having graduated from University I worked in Exeter and in France where I was able to improve my French language. Again, I believe that an international perspective or experience is very important for our students to ensure a wider perspective on the world as well as helping them to appreciate everything their own country has to offer. 
I was self-employed for a number of years, but then decided to do my postgraduate teacher training at Keele University with a specialism in History and English. Since then I have learnt the pleasure derived from sharing one’s passion for a subject with students and supporting their success in exams and helping them move on to university.  
My previous role was as the strategic lead for a large Sixth Form, within an even larger school.  We had almost 100 students applying successfully to university each year. My former school grew from a middle school to a successful high school and it is the experience of this growth that will be useful to the founders of Avenor College as their growing dream becomes a reality. 
As with all major projects, there might be a few bumps along the way, but please be assured we are doing all we can to support the students being the best that they can be. I look forward to meeting more of the students and parents over the coming months and years and in celebrating their successes.