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  • Dana Papadima
Dana Papadima
Dana Papadima

Educational Director

Romanian Language and Literature Teacher

Grade 11 Form Tutor


During 1977-1981, I studied Romanian and French at The University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters. After graduating, I was a Romanian and French language teacher for middle school and high school (1981-1985) and a primary teacher (1985-1990).

I worked as a researcher at the Linguistic Institute of the Romanian Academy, Romanian Grammar Section with Mioara Avram as my coordinator. As a researcher, I participated in congresses and colloquia of Romanian language, on various themes: Romanic linguistics, poetics, functional stylistics (Timişoara 1991, Chişinău 1993, Tutzing 1993, Viena 1994). I published specialized articles in Limba română and Limba română pentru elevi magazines, as well as in the collective volume Totalitäre Sprache - Langue de Bois - Language of Dictatorship (Wien, Passagen Verlag, 1995).

During 1992-1994 I obtained a scholarship from the Austrian State with the help of OAD (Österreichische Austauschdienst) and collaborated with Institut für Romanistik from the University of Vienna. While I was part of the Romanic languages collective, I wrote the paper Primele abecedare de pe teritoriul Transilvaniei în timpul Imperiului Austro-Ungar.

Between 1994 and 1995 I was a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Ploiești, Romanian Language Department, and taught a course about Romanian syntax.

In 1995 I joined Humanitas Publishing House, first as a Programme Director. With the beginning of the alternative textbook reform in Romania, I founded an Education Department within the Humanitas Publishing House, which since 2000 has transformed itself into Humanitas Educational, part of the Humanitas Group. I participated in the elaboration of the first alternative textbooks after 1990, contributing to the consolidation of the school book industry in Romania. I was vice-president of the Union of Publishers in Romania, I was part of the Education Quality Study Group of the Ministry of Education and Research. I have supervised the editing of all student books and other school materials at Humanitas Educational.

Together with a group of volunteers and civic activists, we set up, in 2003, the Salvaţi Vama Veche Organization, which during 2003-2008 proposed to campaign for the preservation of the biocultural space in the south of the Romanian seaside resort. I was one of the organizers of the Stufstock festival (six editions), with a particular focus on identifying and promoting new talents on the local underground rock scene.

In 2008 I opened RECREATIO, a Creativity School for children, within the Erudio, a creative leadership organization.

Starting with January 2010, I became the Educational Director of Little London School. Every year, the school has grown considerably: students, teachers, quality of the educational content, facilities. Since September 2013, we all came under the name and logo of Avenor College. Our slogan, Creators of the future, "unravels" our team mission.

With our first eighth grade graduates, Avenor College is among the most prestigious schools in Bucharest and Romania, given the exceptional results at the National Evaluation, for those who wanted to study at the best high schools in Bucharest. In addition, a significant proportion is represented by Middle School graduates who, with the opening of the Avenor High School on the Cambridge profile, remain in the Avenor educational perimeter and are admitted after equally brilliant results at the Cambridge Checkpoint exams.

After surpassing the threshold of the first ten years of existence, Avenor presents itself as a mature and innovative institution, proposing an ambitious curriculum that brings together the beneficial elements of Romanian and Cambridge curriculum. Avenor is a bilingual school, taking into account equally the Romanian identity and the changes in the modern educational world.