Admission process steps

Steps of the admission process for School and High School

  • Familiarise yourself with the educational offer.
  • Visit the campus and parents’ meeting with the Admission Manager (clarifying the school offer, other particular aspects, etc.).
  • Completion of the application form and payment of the application fee of 100 Euros.
  • The child spends a day in the Avenor community, being observed by the educational team and the school’s psychologist.
  • Students will sit the following exams:

Grades 1 - 5: Romanian, Mathematics, English.

Grades 6 - 8: Romanian, Mathematics, English, another Modern Foreign Language.

Grade 9: Mathematics, English, critical thinking and another Modern Foreign Language.

Grade 10 - 12: Assessments will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Parents fill in a questionnaire.
  • For those outside the Avenor community: a questionnaire filled by the teacher / director of the nursery or school the child comes from.
  • Communicating the admission decision to parents.

Steps of the admission process for Nursery

  • Visit the school and familiarise yourself with the educational offer;
  • Discussion with the class teacher or age groups coordinator attended by the parents and the child;
  • Going through the registration process.