Tuition fee for 2018-2019: 10,500 Euro

The tuition fee is valid for the duration of the school year: 10 months (September 1st - June 30th). It can be paid monthly or every quarter. For siblings, there is a 10% discount. Discounts cannot be combined.

The basic fee is to be paid in its entirety regardless of the number of absences.

Other fees:

Application fee

  • 100 Euro
  • Payment due when the application is filed; Non-refundable.

Registration fee

  • 500 Euro

One time only; Non-refundable. Included on the first invoice issued for the student.

Annual resources fee

  • 500 Euro (materials, textbooks, manuals, subscriptions, study-guides)
  • Included in the first invoice of each academic year

School meals fee 

  • 120 Euro/month

Includes lunch and afternoon snack

Examination Fees

The individual candidates’ parents are responsible for covering the exam fees, which are set by Cambridge International Examinations. The school will prepare entry papers for the examinations, and provision will be made for staged payments if required. Examinations fees documents will be prepared by the Examinations Officer each academic year, in advance of the deadline for payments to be made. 

Transport fees

Transport fees valid for the school year 2017 - 2018 are the following:

  • 660 Euro/year for a single trip (to or from school), and 1320 Euro/year for a round trip - in the Pipera area (Iancu Nicolae);
  • 825 Euro/year for a single trip (to or from school), and 1650 Euro/year for a round trip - in the Pipera area (Tunari) and Bucharest (fixed points - Casa Presei and Piata Charles de Gaulle);
  • 1650 Euro/year for a round trip - in the Otopeni, Corbeanca, Balotesti area. 

For these routes, the transport fees shall be paid in advance.

For the 2018-2019 school year, we also have available transportation on the route Ikea Parking (KFC Drive) - School - Ikea Parking. For this route, the costs are as follows:

  • 30 Euro/per student/per month (single or round trip) regardless of the chosen option (the school will subsidise 50% of the cost of this route as long as the access to Greenfield remains open only via Aleea Teisani).
  • 60 Euro/per student/per month - as soon as an additional access road to Greenfield is available, only if there are enough requests

For this route, registrations and payments are made monthly.