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Out teachers will use a variety of methods to assess each student’s progress: reports, essays, quizzes, sample exam papers, individual and group presentations, and a wide range of tasks depending on the requirements of a particular subject.

At Avenor College, we use different grading systems for each key stage. For high school (grades 9 - 12), teachers respect the Cambridge system grading scale using letters from A to G. A failed exam is marked with the letter ”U” (Ungraded)

  • Grades A*-G for IGCSE in Grade 9 and 10
  • Grades A-E for AS in Grade 11
  • Grades A*-E for A2 in Grade 12

We also monitor student progress through interim and summative reports using the following indicators:

  • Effort
  • Progress
  • Attainment (Current grade)
  • Target Grade (a grade targeted for the end of the school year)

The effort made in class is monitored by a qualitative assessment:

The Exceeding expectations value indicates that the student is involved and motivated in class and has an exemplary positive attitude towards learning all the time.

The Meeting expectations value indicates that the student is motivated and interested enough to progress, but can do better.

The Below expectations value indicates that sometimes the student shows lack of involvement and motivation towards learning.

The Not applicable indicates a constant lack of interest, involvement and focus during lessons.

Progress shows whether the teacher believes the student is “on the right track” to achieve the learning goals and the desired outcome.

Attainment is the official grade and represents the level at which the student is currently working. It is a “snapshot” of the overall school performance and reflects the test results, homework, projects, etc. that the student has achieved during the learning and evaluation period so far.

Target Grade is an indicator of the average grade targeted for the end of the school year; this is the goal the teacher has set based on previous results.

Students’ assessment will be uploaded to the online Engage platform - Avenor College's information management system. Students will receive interim reports and a final annual report, which aims to evaluate and monitor their progress. Parents are also informed about their children's progress via scheduled meetings with teachers, either individually or during the Feedback Days event.

At the end of the two years of the IGCSE study, respectively at the end of Grade 11 and Grade 12, for the Advanced Level (A level) course, students sit the official examinations. IGCSE and A level examinations are scheduled for May/June and/or October/November and are prepared by Cambridge International Examinations. The completed papers are then returned to Cambridge where they are marked by specialist examiners. The results are announced officially in mid-August each year.