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Learning Outside of the Classroom

At Avenor College, we believe that learning happens not only in a traditional setup, but also through experiences taking place outside traditional school framework.

Disruptive changes in economy and business will have a deep impact on future employment over the next years. Already many major drivers of transformation are affecting global businesses which will have a significant impact on the jobs and the skill required. The latest reports show that 65% of the children entering primary school today will end up working in completely new job types that have not been invented yet. In such a rapidly evolving landscape, the ability to anticipate and prepare for the skills of the future is essential to any educational institution.

Our “Learning Outside of the Classroom” programme addresses these new trends through a curriculum based on a 2 year cycle.

The aims are to:

  • develop necessary skills to understand enterprises and running their own businesses
  • develop the ability to work in teams
  • appreciate the roles and perspectives of a range of people and organisations
  • investigate the world of work and entrepreneurial organisations
  • develop the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of situations, using a range of appropriate techniques.


Our high school students are involved every year in internship programmes offering them the opportunity to spend several days in different work places, understanding how a business works, and learning about team work, challenges, passion, enthusiasm and the entrepreneurial mindset.