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  • Involving the community
Involving the community

The community of parents has an important role in shaping children - together we can prepare them for the future.

Our school encourages direct communication between each parent and any member of our school: teachers, form tutor, management team.


The Parents’ Committee was established in autumn 2011 and consists of representatives of parents of each class from school.

The main role of the Parents Committee is to support and promote the common interests of children and parents from Avenor College community, in relationships with teachers and school leaders, with educational institutions of the state (school inspectorates, local and central governments, unions in education) and in the civil society


The School at home is a parenting programme organised by our counsellors for the entire parents' community. One of the annual themes of this programme was “parents for parents” - a series of workshops delivered by parents from the Avenor community who are also specialists in various fields such as psychology, coaching, art, dermatology or dentistry. In the school year 2017-2018, we introduced a new concept and invited our students to deliver workshops in which they presented to parents their perspectives on subjects of common interest.

Community events

  • Avenor Forest Run - a sports and charity event organized annually in the Băneasa Forest.
  • Autumn Bazaar – an autumn event organized for the Nursery parents community
  • Winter Shows and Summer Shows - Avenor students, from Nursery to High School, present their parents theater, music and dance performances.
  • Christmas Charity Fair - charity event organized by high school students for the entire community.
  • Christmas Carollers Gathering - an event that brings together children, parents and teachers from the Nursery.
  • Science Fair – Middle School students conduct research projects and present the results in an event attended by colleagues, teachers and parents.
  • Trinkets for Mothers – Nursery children team up with their mothers to create trinkets.
  • Work in Progress – annaul art exhibition with artworks created by children from the Nursery and the School
  • Piano, guitar and singing recitals - Annually, students of music clubs from the Nursery and the School perform in front of parents and teachers.
  • Cultural Celebration Day - a charity project and the largest event organized by the parents in our community, both at School and at the Nursery.