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  • Forbidden Forest - the first product of this year's PBL
Forbidden Forest - the first product of this year's PBL
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„How can we increase the tourism and leisure potential in the Baneasa Forest? ”. This is the stating question around which the students built a project to promote the Baneasa forest during PBL hours, coordinated by teachers and formtutors. The project dedicated to Baneasa Forest, "Forbidden Forest", was the first PBL product of this year, related to the theme "Codes and senses". From the beginning of the school year, the students of the 4th and 5th grades have worked to create learning and research areas in the forest, from studying the habitat and orientation in space using the map, to practicing survival techniques and to explore ways to relax in the forest. 

The students from the lower grades were also the helpers of the older colleagues, working on projects related to this theme: from recording sounds in the woods to solutions for recycling and a day dedicated to planting. The colleagues from grades 7-8 created a marketing team that was responsible for promoting the final products of the "Forbidden Forest" project: 2 events in Baneasa Forest. The 6th grade built masks to help their colleagues to make their way through the woods.

The PBL project ended with two events:

The first event - "Forest Day - Gallery Walk" - organized on October 18, was a foray into the learning areas created by students in the forest.

The final event - "Forbidden Forest Learning Exhibition" - took place on October 23 and featured the residents of Greenfield and the families of 4th and 5th graders.

We invite you to watch the retrospective of the two beautiful autumn days in which the students of the 4th and 5th grades invited their parents, teachers and colleagues to discover the secrets of Băneasa Forest.


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