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Our offer of co-curricular activities is rich and varied. We reflect on the schools' philosophy and also the suggestions and feedback of our children and parents. Co-curricular activities are activities that aim to help children explore their learning interests in a more in-depth manner. Designed as extensions of our curriculum, the Avenor Nursery clubs cover all the areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language: I Can Speak Romanian, Storytellers, Communication through English and Wacky Wednesdays;
  • Physical Development: Ballet, Delicious Delights, Fun Aerobic, Music & Movement, Woodwork, Ball Games, Fitness Kids, Let’s Dance!, Martial Arts, Multisport Junior, Tennis, and Zumba;
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development: SDGs, Talk to Me, Mind Lab, Outdoor Free-Play, and Project Managers;
  • Literacy: Read, Write & Illustrate and Jolly Phonics;
  • Mathematics: Mathletics, Mind Twisters and Chess;
  • Understanding the World: Globetrotters, Nature Detectives, S.T.E.M., Tech Savvy, and Planting & Growing;
  • Expressive Arts and Design: Creative Techniques, Feel the Music, Drama & Theatre, Painting Styles, and Piano Club.

The co-curricular activities have specific resources, timeframes and educational objectives in order for students to make the first steps towards their future careers and professional interests.

As extensions of the curriculum, the Avenor Nursery co-curricular activities designed for the Nursery, Reception and Year 1 groups have a bilingual character. Children are encouraged to use English at the co-curricular clubs that are held in English.

During co-curricular child-initiated and child-led activities, the language used is usually the one that feels more natural for children. For the clubs that are held in Romanian, children will be encouraged to communicate correctly and a translation will be provided for speakers of other languages.

Co-creating the best possible futures for each and every student also implies offering students the freedom to express thoughts in their mother tongue.