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Nursery Events

The Avenor Nursery events are an extension of the curricular activities in the classroom, as well as an opportunity to deepen concepts, such as friendship, the importance of living in a safe and healthy environment and caring for the environment. At the same time, an important focus of the events is the continual strengthening of the Avenor community to co-create together the best future for each of us: children, parents and teachers.

Please find below a short description for each event:

  • Friendship Week

September begins with Friendship Week, an event that promotes the concept of friendship and helps children consolidate friendships from previous years in order to build new relationships at the beginning of the school year. At the same time, Year 1 groups take their first trip to Avenor School to spend some time with their older classmates in the first grade.

  • Avenor Forest Run

Avenor Forest Run is a charity event that addresses the entire Avenor community and promotes exercise as a lifestyle.

  • Healthy & Safety Week

The importance of living in a safe and healthy environment is learned from an early age. That is why, Health & Safety Week aims to provide children not only an informational framework by sustaining interactive presentations and workshops, but also hands-on activities by organising drills in order to learn how to react in emergency situations and outdoor sports.

  • Autumn Bazaar

October introduces the Autumn Bazaar to celebrate autumnal crops. Parents are invited to serve the morning snack on the straw bales with their children, to create autumn crafts together, to paint with seasonal vegetables and fruits, and to pickle vegetables.

  • Book Days

At Avenor College, we value books and celebrate them each year. The Book Days event is the perfect opportunity for Avenor children to discuss their favourite books and characters, create projects around them and purchase volumes from the book fair that we hold in the nursery.

  • Romania’s National Day

Every year, Romania’s National Day reminds children about what it means to live in Romania through wearing national costumes or elements of traditional Romanian outfits throughout the day, creating specific crafts and becoming acquainted with Romanian music and dances.

  • Winter Show: Carolling Mrs. Claus

At the end of the calendar year, the children offer parents an artistic gift in a festive set-up. The Winter Show brings heart-warming moments to the stage and is packed full with lots of laughter and joy to impress Mrs. Claus.

  • Christmas Carollers Gathering

The Christmas Carollers’ Gathering brings the children, parents and teachers together to listen to carols accompanied by a guitar within a family atmosphere, bells chime and the sound of children’s laughter echoes as they enjoy their last day of school before the Winter Holiday.

  • Fun Week

Fun Week is eagerly awaited and things begin to take on a whole new vibe: from arranging hair in the craziest ways, wearing pyjamas during the day and enjoying a pyjama party, posing for photographs with funny props, dressing with clothes turned inside-out, or just walking, running, and jumping backwards.

  • Trinkets for Mothers

Spring arrives along with Trinkets for Mothers. Following the ‘Mărțișor’ tradition, the children together with their mothers work in partnership to create the most beautiful of trinkets.

  • Work in Progress

The exhibition project is organised by Avenor College and has a different theme every year.

Work in Progress is all about art, colour and vision. Each year, the Work in Progress Exhibition also includes Year 1’s artwork which is exhibited annually for one week in the art gallery at the UniCredit Bank headquarters. At the same time, the Nursery and Reception groups have their own exhibition in the nursery.

  • Career Week

Career Week represents an important occasion for the children to learn more about different jobs. During the event, parents have one more opportunity to actively involve by receiving the nursery children at their place of work or to accept our invitation of coming to nursery and telling them more about their careers.

  • Earth Day

Earth Day dictates a dress code in the nursery: we all wear green to express our concern for nature in a symbolic setting. In order to realise that the planet's resources are limited, between 8.30 - 10.00, all the lights in the building remain switched off.

  • Piano Recital

The Piano Recital focuses on all of the children who are enrolled in the piano club. After half-term, the little pianists have the opportunity to perform in front of their parents, teachers and classmates in order to showcase all of the musical knowledge acquired.

  • Egg Hunt

Just before the Spring Holiday, the children go on a special mission to find as many Easter eggs as possible which have been hidden by the Easter Bunny in the nursery’s playground.

  • Cultural Celebration Day

Cultural Celebration Day is the biggest event of our Avenor Community and represents the perfect occasion for children, parents and teachers to celebrate multiculturalism together. The parents are the main masterminds in organising this event, thus they work in teams to create pavilions that represent various cultures. Moreover, the children are dressed up in traditional costumes and take part in a costume parade.

  • Year 1 Visit to School

The Year 1 Visit to School aims to prepare children to go to school. This visit represents another occasion for Year 1 children to find out more about the life of a scholar by participating in specific activities together with their older friends from preparatory classes.

  • Year 1 Graduation Trip

Towards the end of the school year Year 1 groups, together with their parents and teachers, organise a trip to celebrate their years spent in nursery.

  • Children’s Day

Children’s Day represents a great opportunity to celebrate childhood by organising a party on the nursery’s playground. During this event, children enjoy the lemonade stand, dance and take part in various exciting games.

  • Summer Show

At the end of each year, on the stage of the ‘Ion Manu’ Cultural Centre, the children take part in music, dance and theatrical shows. The parents are invited to enjoy their children’s performances and to celebrate their artistic talent together.

  • Learning Expeditions

During the last week of the school year, Avenor students go on trips to the country or abroad to enjoy new learning opportunities outside of the classroom.