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Nursery Facilities


Avenor Nursery is located in a historic villa on Alexandru Constantinescu Street, very close to Caşin Monastery. The rooms are large, tall, bright and airy. The rooms are big, bright and airy. There is enough space for specialised rooms for organising different activities, such as: sport, arts, ICT, piano club etc.

A few key facts about our location:

  • Large classrooms with a lot of natural light
  • 1 gym room, 1 ballet room, high ceilings, natural light
  • Eating area
  • Large ICT room
  • Dedicated medical office
  • Piano room
  • Arts room
  • Library and lounge area


Avenor believes nutrition to be a central element to the education we give to children.

Consequently, all aspects concerning the meals have been very carefully looked at and the final decisions were made after meeting and consulting with parents, paediatricians, and nutritionists. 

At the nursery school level the meals are provided as follows:

  • -There are 3 daily meals: morning snack (which is brought from home by each child with the request to ensure that it includes healthy items), lunch and afternoon snack.
  • -The menus were selected taking into account the parents’ feedback with the aim of ensuring that they are both healthy and appealing to children.
  • -We improve menus periodically based on our observations and parents’ feedback.
  • -Lunch and the afternoon snack are provided by Avenor College Cafeteria. Starting with the academic year 2016 - 2017, the school's cafeteria has a fully equipped kitchen where a team from our partner Flavours Catering cooks and serves lunch and the afternoon snack for the students.
  • -Meal times are considered to be an educational moment that is important for the personal and social development of children; consequently, teachers eat alongside children ensuring that they acquire healthy and socially habits related to eating.


  • Avenor aims to provide a healthy and safe environment that promotes the physical and mental well-being of children.
  • Daily triage of children: medical staff observe the children’s state of health upon their arrival at school. If they notice an altered state of health they are asked to consult their paediatrician.
  • Avenor enforces a series of medical procedures aimed at minimizing the risk for children to get sick while at school.