Online learning

We consider the current moment as one that opens new horizons in education, one in which learning transcends the walls of a classroom, in which students are connected to learning in different flexible ways, depending on their interests and particularities.

We are constantly working to develop our pedagogy in accordance with the latest research and technologies of the latest generation, to meet the needs of all students, whether they are physically present at school or at home, accessing learning synchronously or asynchronously.

Our goal is to continue to provide an effective and relevant education to our students, always taking into consideration these essential areas.

Intellectual challenge

At Avenor, we are all aware that face-to-face teaching in regular lessons cannot be replicated simply by distance learning – especially social interactions and the relationships between teachers and students. Our online learning plan takes into account the needs of our students for each schooling cycle and is constantly updated using specific resources for each subject.

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How do we use technology

In our hybrid model, technology will slowly be shifted from being a vehicle for transmission or delivery of information to a tool for connectedness, collaboration and co-constructing learning.
When used during class time, devices can and will do more than substitute learning tasks that can be equally done offline – they will be used for tasks where technology enhances learning and offers appropriate challenge, differentiation or/and personalisation. The use of technology opens the door for student’s voice, choice and agency, promotes independent thinking and increases motivation.

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Good practices in distance learning

Resources for teachers

Our teachers are eager to share the resources and experience of online teaching with colleagues from other schools, so that we can build together for our students, the adults of tomorrow, a world with better educated citizens. The topics of the workshops given by our teachers range from the use of Zoom and Google Classroom, to practical solutions for adapting to online teaching, improving the relationship between teachers and students, formative assessment and promoting critical thinking.

How we can adapt to online learning

For parents For students

However, transition to distance learning will be challenging for families. Cu toate acestea, tranziția către învățarea la distanță poate fi o provocare pentru familii. Parents will need to think how to create structures and routines that allow their children to be successful and how to monitor and support their children’s learning.

Some students will thrive with distance learning, while others may struggle. The guidelines provided below are intended to help parents think about what they can do to help their children.