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Avenor College clubs are designed to support and develop the individual interests and aspirations of each student and to meet the students' personal development needs.

For Grades 4 to 8, clubs are provided for an intensive and thorough study that will help students help students develop/nurture talents, skills, and passions at a level that will help them in choosing their profession and in personal development, providing the basis for a complete and specialized solid culture.

Co-curricular activities at Avenor College are grouped as follows:

a. Included co-curricular clubs:

Avenor College is considering a set of co-curricular clubs that address all of our students, designed to complement their educational profile. The included co-curricular clubs are organised into the following categories:

  • Knowledge clubs
  • Sports and movement clubs
  • Art clubs

b. Optional co-curricular clubs:

The optional clubs are designed for students who have demonstrated talent and perseverance that recommends them to be able to perform and achieve outstanding results: Ballet, Guitar, Piano, Canto, Football, Martial Arts and others. Optional clubs have a separate fee, not included in the school's standard educational offer.

Enrollment in Avenor clubs (included and optional) will be made through the Engage Portal at the beginning of the school year. Upon completion of the subscription period, changes may only be made in exceptional circumstances, by a written request to