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Cristina Cristea
Cristina Cristea

Maths Teacher and Back-up Teacher


The beginning of my academic path was built by my Math teacher when I was in secondary school. Subsequently, it was polished by the Math teacher in high school and by the other teachers that I met in my journey, whom I really thank once again.

The choice of the study environment, the beautiful town of Iasi, is due to my mother, ex-graduate of the Al. I .Cuza University from Iasi, Maths Department.

I started my career as a teacher in Buzau County, having the pleasure to work alongside my former teachers. I guided pupils from 5th to 13th grade on their very difficult but beautiful journey of understanding and applying Mathematics until they reached proficiency.

Being fascinated by marketing and communication, I obtained a master’s degree in “Marketing and Communication in Business” from ASE Bucharest, working afterward for a direct marketing company.

I am a person who has teaching abilities, pays attention to details, passionate about nature and sports, especially indoor and outdoor cycling.

I am returning to teaching here, at Avenor College, with an open heart and the wish to pass on to my young collaborators the pleasure to study Maths.