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Irina Zamfir
Irina Zamfir

Teacher of Arts

EPA Curriculum Leader

I am one of the luckiest teachers for having the chance to work and develop myself in such a great and professional educational institution as Avenor College. I started my professional activity at Avenor 7 years ago, in Nursery, and for 3 years I've been discovering new challenges within the school.

My love for children, the strong belief in education and the idea that I can influence and guide children’s lives by opening their minds and by showing them how to satisfy their emotional, educational and creative needs, are the things that make me work hard every day.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Creative Strategies - both from the University of Fine Arts, Bucharest - and it is my belief that my academic background offers me the informational package for understanding problems related to teaching, child interaction, the English and Romania curriculum. My teaching preparation also consists of a teaching degree and teaching certificates, degrees that I obtained from the Department of Training for Teachers, University of Bucharest.

I have a solid experience in designing and implementing assistance programmes through artistic means and creative social activities. Also, my three years’ experience as a Coordinator/Visual Artist in a social programme for children and young people with disabilities helped me develop and focus my teaching qualities. I have learned to design and implement differential art-therapy programmes and to provide educational assistance, as well as about prevention of school drop-out, the design of periodic evaluation and progress reports and other educational training.

At Avenor, we are all learners, which is why I strongly believe that this school year will be one of beautiful relationships, we will guide our students' journeys and help build their creative future.