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Oana Ungureanu
Oana Ungureanu

Teacher of Romanian Language and Literature

5 Alfa Form Tutor


I chose to work with souls. Ever since I decided to become a teacher I have been driven by both the desire of sharing my knowledge to the new generations and of giving my students the chance to be creative and express themselves freely. I have also aspired to establish and develop quality education.

The efficiency of a teacher’s activity is determined by his or her personality and by the quantity and the quality of the information she or he conveys. I have committed myself to be a role model for my students, be the person who spreads love, kindness, gentleness, respect, admiration and honesty.

In order to become a teacher of Romanian Language and Literature, I specialised in linguistics – Romanian and English - and I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in 2015 from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. After graduating in Iasi, I decided to continue my studies in Bucharest as a Master’s Degree student of The Faculty of Letters. I attended a program called The Didactics of Philological Disciplines, learning from the best professors how to master the art of pedagogy. In 2017 I completed this stage of my education with a work entitled “Reader-response theory”. In 2018, I obtained my Qualified Teacher Status (Certificatul de acordare a definitivării în învățământ).

While teaching I realised that today’s students have different needs and interests. A good teacher must develop those by using different methods and by having a new perspective on education. I strongly believe it is not only important what you learn, but how you learn it.

As a teacher of Romanian Language and Literature, I aim to cultivate the artistic sensibility of my students. I would also like to inspire them to value the art of literature thus contributing to the development of their creativity and to the uncovering of their personal abilities.

A new year starts for the educational team of Avenor College, my fourth year as a teacher. I expect it to be full of challenges, emotions and accomplishments. I wish a great school year to everyone teaching and studying at Avenor!