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Salih Gokcel
Salih Gokcel

Computer Science and ICT Teacher

9 Delta Form Tutor

Computer Science has always been a passion of mine and I used it in every possible aspect of my career always considering a challenge the possibility to streamline and add value to all the activities that I carry out.

Teaching Computer Science was a brand new chapter in my career which started last year at Avenor College and has been a fulfilling experience. It was a great opportunity for me to share my experience and passion with my students. Overall, my first year in Avenor College has been fruitful and successful both for me and my students.

A new challenge has arisen for me when I was presented with the opportunity to become the form tutor of my middle school students that have just moved on to high school this year. I will continue to teach Robotics this school year and my focus will be to build a strong robotics culture within Avenor College. I am sure that 2019-2020 will be a great year filled with many achievements and memorable moments together with my students and I look forward to this experience.

Last but not least, I wish my colleagues and students success in the 2019-2020 school year at Avenor College.