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Silvia Pestrițu
Silvia Pestrițu

Maths Teacher

6 alfa Form Tutor


The school is an essential element in everyone's life. It nourishes our minds so that we develop our talents and discover our vocation.

From childhood, I wanted to become a teacher. The passion for mathematics began in secondary school, where I had the chance to meet exceptional teachers who guided me in this career. I never ceased to believe in my dream and I followed all the steps necessary to turn it into reality.

I graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Bucharest University in 2011, followed by a Master of Applied Mathematics in Finance, Insurance and Biostatistics.

I started my professional career at Secondary School No.149 in Bucharest, where I was a Maths teacher and a form tutor. In 2016, I joined the Avenor team as a Maths teacher for the secondary school. During my four years of activity, I had the opportunity to attend training courses, organize many curricular and extra-curricular activities, and prepare students for national competitions and exams. In 2014, I obtained the Qualified Teacher Status.

I am a happy, optimistic, creative person dedicated to her work. My profession brings me great satisfaction. I like children because they are an inexhaustible source of energy, creativity and inventiveness.

In the school year 2019-2020, for the fourth consecutive year, I am joining the Avenor team with joy and enthusiasm. I want this school year to bring us many achievements to enjoy. I wish success to all my students and colleagues!