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Alexandrina Damian
Alexandrina Damian

4 Alfa Form Tutor

My dream was to be a teacher since the early years of my childhood. No surprise, my brother was my first pupil and his friends were my “students” too. Years later, my dreams came true when I graduated from the Pedagogical Highschool in Bacau, Romania. It was in 1996 and in the same year I had to manage my own class. 

In 2003, I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Science at the University of Bucharest and also took a master’s degree in Integrated Education. 

I have dedicated years to developing programmes for profesional learning in education, also available today at the European Institute for Correspondence Courses. 

Since 2011 I am an authorised trainer certified by the National Authority for Qualifications experienced in delivering courses like professional competence assessor, educational activities specialised staff, time management, communication, personal development. 

I have been working with children 7 to 14 years old for many years, creating frameworks and strategies for admission to high school, had great success with many of them and I did my best to train their entrepreneurial thinking and develop their financial view of the world through dedicated courses. 

My most recent experience comes from the Montessori system, an experience which completed the traditional educational system I knew and which taught me to follow the interests of children, support them on their journey to develop their potential, and address different learning styles and interests.

I am a creative person, preoccupied with learning new things and always looking for sources of inspiration and color. I think the learning experience is based on a state of well-being and builds on positive emotions, and equally meets the children's need to know and explore.

I have joined Avenor College this year as the form tutor for grade 4 alfa and I am eager to embark with my students in an amazing journey.