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Alina Ungureanu
Alina Ungureanu

Pregătitoare alfa teaching assistant

My journey towards this profession began three years ago. Graduating from the Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest, the Romanian-English speciality, I understood what my purpose is: to be a teacher! Moreover, I also understood how to do this! I have studied thoroughly the mysteries of psycho-pedagogy in the course of my three years of study. I have been working with children since my first year of college and certainly, this has intensified my desire to be there, the desire to become more.

The wonderful experience with the children from the After School programme I've been working on all this time determined me to continue. I have also done teaching practice, which has defined my first qualities and principles. The first lesson I taught was accompanied by constructive emotions and empathy, which made me think that I’ve found my place. I realised that I can do more and share what I have learned.

I have always believed that being a teacher is not just about teaching lessons to children; especially when you are in front of them, of young people who expect from you undoubtedly much more. They expect trust, patience, and dedication. They wait to see in the people showing them the first steps how beautifully they outline their work, so they can colour the interior as clearly as possible. The teacher who loves his or her job makes the children love everything around them.

I wanted to evolve, which brought me here. I joined the Avenor College team in 2018. During this year, I worked with Grade Pregatitoare as a Teaching Assistant, having the opportunity to participate in co-teaching hours and also to teach such classes. This has brought me even closer to the world of children, the way they develop and to understand their needs at this stage. I was directly involved in the preparation of an art club for Grades Pregatitoare and 1. Also during this period, I obtained the TKT-Young Learners certificate.

For the year 2019-2020, I wish to discover together with the children a fascinating world, full of creativity, knowledge, friendship - the right place to become the best version of ourselves.