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Andreea Roman
Andreea Roman

4 omega Form Tutor


Inspired by my primary teacher, I wanted to become a teacher too. Later on, after starting my career, I realised that the inspiration, joy and rewards of this profession come from children, from being a part of their Universe.

I have graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and continued my studies, earning a degree in Communication and PR at SNSPA „David Ogilvy” and a Master's degree in Pedagogical Research and Development.

I worked at the International School of Bucharest for 16 years, teaching both in English and Romanian and have learned and developed in a multicultural environment alongside valuable people.

Always preoccupied by my personal and professional development, I obtained the first recognition as a certified teacher („Gradul didactic Definitiv”) and the Second Degree (Gradul Didactic II) and I attended many professional development courses and workshops such as: Developing curricular and extracurricular activities, Class management, Communication strategies, Developing Differentiated Curriculum, Multiple Intelligence, Child Protection in Education, Supporting EAL Students Across the Curriculum, and The Importance of Feedback.

My time in school has developed my philosophy of valuing each child as an individual, as well as a part of a community. I aim to create for children as many learning opportunities and experiences as possible in order to engage, motivate and prepare them for their future life.