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Cristina Rusu
Cristina Rusu

1 omega Form Tutor


I have always been fascinated with the sincerity and the attachment that children can develop towards people around them. The joy and enthusiasm of children, their sincerity, their smile, and their hunger for knowledge are just a few of the reasons which motivated me to continue my education and to constantly improve my skills.

I graduated from the School of Communication and Public Relations, SNSPA, and from the Faculty of Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education, Bucharest University.

Being a mother of two Avenor students, I have realized I wanted to do more, to get involved even more, and to be able to offer children a knowledge base and a set of solid skills and abilities to start their lives.

In 2017, I joined the Avenor community as a teaching assistant in Pregătitoare class. I was involved in everything regarding children’s adjustment to the requirements of the Pregătitoare grade. I have been teaching and co-teaching lessons throughout the school year and have been involved in various educational projects, including students meeting the writer and blogger Ioana Chicet-Macoveiciuc, as part of the project “Reading with an author – The boy with the butterly wing”. My work included the Art Factory Club, for Pregătitoare and Grade 1 children. Also this year, we obtained the TKT CLIL certificate from the British Council Bucharest.

For the school year 2018-2019, I accepted a new challenge, to become a teacher for the Grade Pregătitoare Omega. In the same year I obtained the TKT Young Learners certificate.

This school year, Grade 1 Omega students and I will continue to discover the world together, prepared to face any challenge.