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Mari Nicolae
Mari Nicolae

4 Delta Form Tutor

PBL Curriculum Leader

I’ve discovered quite early that teaching others means knowing people, places, stories. After graduating from Pedagogical High School in Ploiesti (1999), I became a primary teacher being responsible for the children’s education.

I graduated from the Faculty of Letter, Romanian-English Section from the University “Petrol-Gaze”  Ploieşti (2005) and the Master’s Degree in Educational Management at SNSPA in Bucharest (2006). Next, I obtained the Qualified Teacher Status (2001), then the trainer accreditation from CNFPA (2008), gifted- education certificate from IRSCA (2010), Mind Mapping Practitioner Certificate from THINKBUZAN (2015) and TKT CLIL Certificate from British Council of Bucharest (2016). In March-June 2018, I attended the online Cambridge Programme Leader Induction course, which resulted in Avenor College becoming a Cambridge Professional Development Center.

The experience gained in the PYP system (Primary Years Programme) and attending specialised courses, such as Mantle of the Expert (regarding the integration of the dramatic arts in teaching) reinforce my pursuit for transdisciplinary teaching, visible learning and authentic assessment for the purpose of self-knowledge.

I continue exploring the latest education ideas. That is why I exercise my creativity by building teaching techniques and tools suggested by the principles of international education. I published my first book in 2012 at Humanitas Publishing House as a co-author of a set of worksheets for mathematics and environmental exploration for the Pregatitoare grade. I contributed to the development of digital textbooks for Grade 1 and a practical guide for teachers on the role of graphic organizers in learning.

My mission continues at Avenor on several levels, embraced with responsibility and joy. This year I will be guiding closely the students of 4 delta to learn with pleasure and by habit anywhere, anytime. As the PBL Curriculum Leader, I will coordinate a didactic innovation programme through guided-inquiry, starting from connecting the CGC (Common Ground Collaborative) principles to the school themes.

My free time is dedicated to family, nature walks and cultural tourism.