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Monica Braboveanu
Monica Braboveanu

3 omega Form Tutor


Around children, I have always felt “the right person in the right place”. They are motivating me with their innocent smiles, the desire to discover something at all times, the curiosity manifested every moment of the day. I've been feeling all this since high school when I knew I discovered my vocation.

The beginning of the journey was in 1997, right after graduating from the Pedagogical High School in Deva, as a tenured teacher at a school in my native town (Vulcan, Hunedoara County). In the next 10 years I obtained all three professional degrees (Certified Teacher - in 1999, Second Degree - in 2003 and First Degree - in 2007), I graduated from the College of Institutors - English from the University of Craiova in the summer of 2003 and obtained a Master’s Degree in Educational Management from the University of Petroşani in 2009. This is how I climbed, step by step, on my professional training path.

In 2009, I joined Little London - currently Avenor College. Here I continued my professional development by participating in various training sessions on highly relevant topics in children's education today - multiple intelligences, transdisciplinary, active learning, critical and creative thinking.

I have appreciated from the start the fact that in this school, each of us, adult or child, has the chance to develop their creativity, discover their passions, talents and define themselves. I still enjoy knowing that I am part of this exceptional community and I am proud to say that I have also played my part in developing it.

In 2013, I became a mother for the second time, and I stayed for a while with my family, thinking that I was the only specialist in raising and educating my daughter, who is also part of the large community of Avenor alongside her brother.

The autumn of 2014 meant for me the return to a place where I have the chance not only to learn and improve myself, but most importantly to put into practice what I have learned, but also to reintegrate into a team that has received me with great warmth and professionalism eight years ago.

In the 2019 - 2020 school year I wish to achieve more beautiful things, to continue to be an active part of the students - parents - teachers - school team so that each student develops harmoniously (physically, morally, intellectually, behaviorally) starting from their individual qualities.

I look forward to feeling the excitement of meeting with my former middle school and high school students and to continue the journey of knowledge with my current students from 3 omega. I wish for us to be a strong team and to take steps together for harmonious development, in a place where all children feel that they are in the most appropriate environment to learn with pleasure.