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Oliviana Țugui
Oliviana Țugui

Pregătitoare omega teaching assistant


The best gift we can give to children is roots and wings. I was privileged to have people around me who were able to offer me these vital things when I was growing up. Now I would like to be an educator that offers what she has received.

I have studied English out of passion since I was a child. At the beginning of the ‘90s, when we had no English books, dictionaries or other resources, I used to memorize English songs from my sister’s handwritten songbook. I have discovered the passion for the English language studying at the bilingual high school „George Coşbuc” in Bucharest. Through the teacher’s commitment, I grew to love the world of foreign languages, as I was studying English intensively. That was the place I set my first goals, and I realized that if I want something hard enough, I can accomplish it. By the end of the 11th grade, I had passed the Cambridge Advanced Examination, thus receiving the self-confidence that I needed. In my last year of study, I had the joy of writing a project about the Northern Ireland conflict coordinated by one of the native English speakers working at that time in high school. Through this research, my eyes were open to the world around me and I learned to appreciate the context in which I am living.

Consequently, I began being interested in the international relation’s area, I followed the courses of the University of Foreign Relations and International Studies, that gave an important role to foreign languages as well as to communication and information technology. It was during this time that I also had the first experience of working in an international environment, working in a popular youth hostel with many foreign tourists. After finishing my 4 years of study, I started working at The International School of Bucharest, where I stayed for the next 5 years. Those years were great, that is where I developed, I received responsibilities that I believe, I have accomplished with excellence. After this experience, I had a unique job. I spent the next two years as an ambassador, not one from a foreign affairs office, but one that promoted knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world. I was a member of the M.V. Logos Hope, known as the world’s largest floating library, with over 1 million books on board. This journey was extremely demanding: we went to 18 countries in Asia and the Arabian Gulf, interacting with numerous people and their life stories, that have enriched me as a person.

After this stage of my life, I came back home and for the next two years, I was employed at the American International School of Bucharest on a part-time basis as a Grade 2 teaching assistant. This experience has taught me how to be a team player, how effective classroom management looks like and also how to support each student to achieve its potential.

I joined the Avenor College team in 2017 and, being inspired by this community that is continuously trying to overcome its own limits, I decided to go back to University and I am now a Foreign Languages student and will graduate next year with a major in English and Spanish.

I am looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year when I intend to invest in the education of children from Avenor as well as my own education and together make the learning process a fascinating story!