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Valentina Pache-Nistor
Valentina Pache-Nistor

Pregătitoare Alfa Form Tutor

During my school years, I had extraordinary teachers who inspired me and opened my horizon to this profession. I graduated from the Elena Cuza National College, specialising as teacher-educator and then from the Faculty of Letters at the University of Bucharest, majoring in Romanian language and literature and German language and literature.

My journey into the world of children began at the state school no. 131, where I spent an important stage in my professional training. I continued my career as a nursery teacher, both in state and private education sector. I am glad I had the opportunity to pass on my passion for foreign languages ​​to the pupils at St. Mary's Primary School and Radan Center for foreign languages.

I continued my professional development attending a series of training courses and seminars. In 2012, I got the Certified Teacher Degree in pre-school education and I am currently enrolled to obtain the second degree.

I joined the Avenor College team four years ago and I already have the experience of a lower primary cycle spent together with my wonderful students in the classroom, in the schoolyard, in the library or during the numerous trips we took together. 

I am glad to be back at Avenor College in 2019-2020, after two years dedicated to my son Aaron Mihail. And I am now beginning a new chapter together with the children from pregătitoare alfa, a journey that will open new horizons in their education, encouraging them to fulfil their dreams.