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Victoria Foster
Victoria Foster

Teacher of Science


Hi, I am Miss Tori. I moved here from Manchester in the UK but I was born and raised in Oxfordshire.

I have been teaching for nine years in a range of schools and hired as a specialist in the UK. I have taught English, music, outdoor activities and sports. During the summer holidays for the past four years, I have been coming to Romania to teach English at a summer camp. From these amazing experiences, I decided to move to Romania to teach permanently.

I moved to Romania not just because of the beautiful country, amazing food, and lovely people but because of how inspiring, dedicated and smart the children are and how enjoyable it is to teach them here.

I am interested in music, I play the drums and sing. I love sports, I love to dance - street and hip-hop are my favourites. I am really excited to be able to do these things in the extra curriculum clubs and sharing with my students these passions and skills.

I have loved teaching at Avenor College so far and I hope the children can continue to keep up with my passion for them learning new things and the energy and excitement that I will bring for the following years.