Admissions for 2023 - 2024 school year are open

Felix Dumitrache

History Teacher
9 Alfa Form Tutor

I am a Romanian born citizen who managed to return to my home country. I left Romania in 1978 and ended up as a political refugee in the United States. My life-long dream has been to see the world and learn about its cultures. I have always been passionate about history and after military service in the US Army and participating in four wars, I changed my professional direction and followed the History coursework at the Social Sciences Department (Humanities) and received my diploma from Arizona State University.

I have been teaching for over 25 years at various educational stages, from Middle School to High School, teaching at both public and private schools including IB level courses. I am passionate about history and I always find a method to help my students and work hard to bring that history to life. Understanding causes and effects of our history allow students to better understand the international context, to make sense of today’s complex events, alliances and conflicts.

Being used to a full schedule and loads of activities and missing that interaction with children, after relocating to Bucharest I looked around at teaching opportunities. I was impressed by this young school and its drive and direction. I feel that I can contribute my experience, background and language skills, and help support the stated goals of the school. I enjoyed meeting the bright, happy and hardworking students here who learn their subjects in English while also mastering Romanian, their native language.

I intend to continue bringing a high level of enthusiasm, professionalism, and patience to the Avenor team and hope to create with my students an atmosphere of interest in history (whether of the world or Romanian History). Dear parents, look forward to many dinner conversations with your children about the new and interesting developments they will learn about.