Joseph Mattocks

Science Teacher

I have recently finished my teacher training at two secondary schools in the southwest of England. I chose teaching because it is a proactive and fulfilling career that has a tangible impact on young people’s lives.

I’ve been interested in teaching for a while, having taken part in mentoring and tutoring roles whilst completing my undergraduate in Biology at the University of Southampton (U.K.). After completing a Master’s in Denmark and Austria and a year working for an agrochemical company, I decided to continue with teaching.
I’m very pleased to be continuing my teaching journey at Avenor College and am excited to get to know the students and other members of staff. Additionally, I’m very keen to get involved with the fantastic co-curricular activities offered at the school, as I’ve had first-hand experience of how this can contribute to a more rounded education.

The 21st century presents society with new and complex challenges which require young people with a complex understanding of Science and how it relates to other subject areas. Therefore, I hope that I can inspire students at Avenor to enjoy science as much as I do.