Josip Kličinović

Mathematics Teacher

After completing a degree in Education of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Zagreb, I received a triple degree qualification (Mathematics, Computer Science, and Education) in Croatia. Since completing it, I have worked in several schools, including a secondary vocational school and high school specialising in Mathematics and Computer Science, which is also a Cambridge International Examination Center, where I prepared students for various Mathematics exams at various levels.

I am a PhD candidate in the field of the educational sciences, and I hold international expertise in Assessment, which is my main area of ​​research for my PhD.

I am also an author of the new Croatian mathematics curriculum, author of several textbooks, and many digital materials for Mathematics made in GeoGebra. I am also a part of the mentor team for implementing a new curriculum (even when I am abroad), and I gladly share my knowledge with my colleagues.

My teaching philosophy is always asking students “Why?”, in combination with giving students proper feedback, that is crucial in developing their knowledge and learning experience.

When I visited Avenor, I knew that it is a school that takes care of its students. Not only academically, but also works on their personal development. And that is something that attracted me to Avenor, and I am so happy to be a part of this team.