Kirsten Berezanskij

Teacher of Mathematics

I qualified as a Teacher of Mathematics from the University of York and since then I have had the pleasure of teaching Mathematics in Scarborough in the North of England.

The majority of this time has been spent in schools with huge educational and social challenges. Mathematics was not the easiest or favourite subject for the majority of my students and as a teacher who has a true love for her subject this was initially disheartening. However, I soon realised that the challenge was not just to explain my subject to my students but also to instill my love of Mathematics into my students and allow them to enjoy learning whatever their ability.

To achieve this I aim for the atmosphere in my classroom to be both fun, challenging and productive. To me Mathematics is really just a series of puzzles which we use logic to solve and it is my responsibility as a teacher to enable each of my students to have the opportunity to experience the joy of successfully solving these puzzles each lesson. This problem solving approach has become critical over the last few years as mathematics examinations are becoming more focussed on multi step problems.

I like to use a variety of teaching techniques to achieve this including group work, reverse classroom and individual challenges. My aim at all times is for all my students to become confident, enthusiastic mathematicians.