Rodica Hațegan

Teacher of Music

Out of a desire to promote the love of music and everything around us, I chose a career in education. Teaching for me is a way to share my talents and creativity, trying to be a good example and a source of inspiration for my students every day. Music helps students discover their creativity, brings people together and creates a sense of community.

I started studying cello and piano at the age of 10, and over time I learned to play guitar, ukulele, bass, blockflute, harmonica and drums.

I was born in Alba Iulia, where in 1995 I graduated from the High School of Music and Fine Arts. In 2001, after graduating from the Gh. Dima Academy of Music in Cluj Napoca, I came to Bucharest. Here I worked as a music teacher at a private school and as a professional musician. My teaching style is influenced by the experience gained in the various projects in which I participated as a professional musician, collaborating with various bands, choirs and orchestras. In 2001, I participated in a project with the band Sensor, having numerous shows and concerts, among which I would mention those that were included in the repertory of the National Theater in Bucharest, a theater with unconventional percussion instruments. My last participation with the band Sensor was in 2010, at the Starfloor Concert in Paris, where I was invited to do the percussion part for Inna’s songs.

Over the years, since 2001 and until now, I have taught in international schools, both in Bucharest and in Shanghai, China, Panama City, Panama and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Using my creativity and teacher experience, I try to structure my lessons as attractively as possible, trying to follow the students’ interest as much as possible. I try to create a more comfortable environment in which mutual respect is one of the core values. Learning happens through the participation during the music class in the different theoretical and practical activities and through the involvement in preparing the concerts that take place during the school year.

I like to believe that my teaching methods are innovative and allow my students to be as creative and expressive as possible. I consider myself a teacher full of imagination and resources, my lessons being appreciated by my students.

My job as a teacher fully defines me. During my activity with children, I learned that if the students know that the teacher really believes in their success, children believe it too. Mutual student-teacher trust creates a pleasant learning environment and leads to wonderful academic results.