Ana Olivia Lăzărescu

Substitute Teacher

Hello! My name is Ana Olivia Lăzărescu and I am truly excited to be starting my journey with the Avenor team. I admire the work, dedication and the avant-garde perspective this school and nursery brings to the educational field in Romania.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Art History from University of Bucharest, a master’s degree in „Image Theory and Practice” from the Faculty of Letters and nearly two years prior work experience in the Art field teaching young learners.

Connecting with children through teaching and creating a space of happy learning has evolved to be my life’s purpose, from the early sparks of passion ignited in my first year of University studies. I discovered this powerful calling whilst participating in an Educational program for children coming from foster care and disadvantaged backgrounds. When studying my master’s, I continued to work with children in a contemporary art museum, through weekly interactive art workshops. Following through with my journey, I am very excited to start my first year at Avenor Nursery, having the chance to be part of a team with the same values and methods of learning and teaching as I try to cultivate in my own work with children.

As a teacher I focus a lot on the symbiosis between learning and art, and my way of teaching is centered around an interdisciplinary approach that has proven to have a great impact in child development. I am especially interested in accommodating the little ones with different ways to express their feelings and ideas in a healthy and constructive way, in various artistic languages. Managing emotions, creating new communication links and diversity of perspectives are just some of the benefits that alternative arts education and access to culture can bring to the community.

I am honored and happy to begin this Avenorian journey to help children grow in the best way possible!

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