Simona Stîngă

Coordonator de evenimente și comunicare - Grădiniță

The first chapter of my life story starts with me as a teacher. It was a great experience, full of challenges as well as those mornings with sun rays in my heart. I enjoyed every moment of creativity, laughter, the shows and the lessons that I learnt from the children.

The story continues with a new chapter. This time, I decided to use my Communication and Public Relations studies to change directions. My Creativity is still here, but in different shapes. Laughter still occurs, but for different reasons. And about the shows, they’ve now turned into events.

I have always found interest in editing pictures, videos or writing texts with sweet syrup or amusement on top of the words. I am impatient to gather as many new experiences as possible and to accumulate new skills. I am optimistic when it comes to my professional development.

When there is passion, the chances to achieve success are higher.

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