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Avenor College Virtual Learning

Profesorii Avenor s-au adaptat rapid la provocările învățării online și își dezvoltă în continuare abilitățile necesare pentru a naviga în această nouă realitate. Predau online de când autoritățile române au decis să închidă toate școlile și au implementat planuri învățare la distanță adaptate pentru fiecare ciclu de școlarizare.

Profesorii noștri sunt dornici să împărtășească resursele și experiența de predare online și colegilor din alte școli, pentru a putea construi împreună pentru elevii noștri, adulții de mâine, o lume cu cetățeni mai bine educați.

Găsiți mai jos înregistrările atelierelor ținute de către profesorii noștri în perioada 6-20 mai.

Subiectele variază de la utilizarea aplicației Zoom și Google Classroom, la soluții practice pentru adaptarea la predarea online, îmbunătățirea relației dintre profesori și elevi, evaluarea formativă și promovarea gândirii critice.


Starea de bine - Cum îmbunătățim relația profesori-elevi

Facilitator: Georgiana Socoliu - Coordonator de gimnaziu la Avenor College

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Google Classroom - Ghid practic de folosire

Facilitator: Salih Gokcel - Profesor de informatică și ICT


Zoom - Ghid practic de folosire

Facilitator: Salih Gokcel - Profesor de informatică și ICT


Grădinița Virtuală - o provocare a viitorului

Facilitatori: Cristina Farcaș - Profesor și Coordonator Educațional
Veronica Burtea-Koter - Profesor și Coordonator Aspecte Legale
Ioana Botez - Consilier și Coordonator Extracurriculare

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Evaluarea online și mentalitatea deschisă - II

Facilitator: Mari Nicolae - PBL Curriculum Leader, profesor-formator
Andreea Dumitrescu - Profesor învățământ primar

Găsiți prezentarea atelierului aici.


Evaluarea online și mentalitatea deschisă- I

Facilitator: Mari Nicolae - PBL Curriculum Leader, profesor-formator

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Experimentul virtual

Facilitatori: Manuela Nae - Profesor de fizică, Director Compliance
Laura Băjeanaru - Profesor de Science

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De la școala fizică la școala virtuală- scurt ghid de supraviețuire

Facilitator: Anca Costea - Profesor învățământ primar

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Aplicații Google „cu lipici”

Facilitatori: Andreea Dumitrescu - Profesor învățământ primar

Mari Nicolae - PBL Curriculum Leader, profesor-formator

Găsiți prezentarea atelierului aici.


Trucuri pentru Zoom și Google Classroom

Facilitatori: Mari Nicolae - PBL Curriculum Leader, profesor-formator

Andreea Dumitrescu - Profesor învățământ primar

Găsiți prezentarea atelierului aici.


Care e treaba cu școala de acasă?

Facilitator: Liana Ilincescu - Profesor învățământ primar

Găsiți prezentarea atelierului aici.

At Avenor Virtual School, teachers expand their competencies from a two-dimensional model (pedagogical and subject specific) to a three dimensional one. Digital competence, the third dimension, becomes the vehicle to create the environment that enables learning to continue.

By embracing the challenge of distance learning and seeing it as an opportunity for adults to enter our students’ digital world, we become ourselves better teachers and better learners.

Online education can be and is better than online mimicking of the conventional physical school.

We developed our own model of digital pedagogy to help us keep in mind all the important elements that we need to consider when planning for and delivering distance learning experiences in the virtual environment and to help stakeholders understand our approach to teaching and learning - approach that is evidence and research-based.


The wellbeing of students, teachers and parents permeates the way we think about school and the way we act. We now live in a fluid environment, when we see new challenges every day and then we need to constantly refine and re-adjust. It is a state that all schools worldwide go through at the moment and it takes to have an agile, adaptive approach in order to serve your community well.

Everything we do has at its heart our community wellbeing. At Avenor, we believe that educational outcomes are beyond what is measured by tests. Our students not only acquire knowledge and skills, but also come to school to make friends, to learn how to interact, to develop personal traits, to make a difference for themselves, for their community and beyond it.

There are two purposes of connection:

  • to reduce the feeling of isolation and uncertainty by providing emotional support.
  • to ensure clarity of the communication and give students opportunities to clarify their questions and misconceptions.

To achieve these, we use a modern and sophisticated video conferencing platform, allowing for interactivity and group work. Different features of the platform are used with other areas of the diagram.

One of the Avenor Learning Principles is that learning is both a personal and a social activity. How can we create learning experiences that encourage collaboration in the new, e-learning environment?

Collaboration with the aim of co-constructing knowledge increases:

  • motivation
  • social cohesion
  • personalisation of learning
  • cognitive engagement

These are strong reasons why Avenor online classes are highly collaborative. Activating students as resources for peer learning is successful if groups have clear learning goals and there is individual accountability.

Intellectual challenge is ensured through the use of high quality resources, new or re-designed by our teachers to match the virtual classroom.

While acknowledging the importance of a solid knowledge base and a solid skills base, we continue to create opportunities for students to apply, evaluate and analyse their knowledge.

At the end of a learning sequence students create resources to make their learning visible.

At Avenor, we celebrate diversity and offer differentiated and personalised learning.

The learning experiences we create are enhanced by using the efficiency and functionality of online tools to meet students’ individual learning needs.

The variety of tools available online allows teachers to plan learning experiences that cater for multiple learning preferences and for learners’ variability.

There is ample research to support the claim that feedback and a versatile use of formative assessment tools are strong predictors of a student's progress.

The assessment area of our distance learning diagram answers the question: "how do we know that students learn?"

Technology allows for the use of more varied formative assessment tools to generate evidence of learning: discussion threads, quizzes, polls, following students’ work in real time, exit tickets.

Avenor College Virtual Learning Plan describes how we will ensure that learning continues during the time school will be closed.

At Avenor College, we are all aware that teaching in regular lessons cannot be simply replicated through distance learning - especially the social interactions and mediation between teachers and students.

The goal of the virtual learning plan is for the school to continue to provide an effective education for students covering the following areas.



Congratulations to the Avenor team for the success of the online workshops dedicated to state teachers

The series of 13 workshops for teachers from other schools ended on May 20th. We thank all the teachers who shared the experience gained during the 2 months of online learning with their colleagues from state schools. Hundreds of teachers have participated in several sessions, and the positive feedback from the 600 feedback forms, confirmed that the purpose of the workshops have been achieved. The recordings of the workshops can be found in the For Teachers section.

thank you note


Avenor Counsellors Invite Us to a New Series of Webinars

We continue the series of webinars dedicated to parents in the Avenor community. The first webinar was organised for the nursery parents two weeks ago, and this week we started the workshops dedicated to parents in school.

thank you note


"Combating COVID-19" Challenge

The "Combating COVID-19" Challenge, organised by New York Academy of Sciences has ended. Our students from Grade 8 and 9 submitted their work after many sessions of discussion, idea-sharing, and brainstorming, to find great solutions to a pandemic problem. They spent many hours researching and they developed flowcharts for special apps or platforms. They read and collected data about the treatments that are applied around the world for COVID-19. They learned independently and fast about genetics, epidemiology, molecular biology, vaccines and computing. Their ideas could be used to make a better and safer world.


Students’ Projects Continue: Science Fair ACS Fission

When passion teams up with the desire to know, the result is as expected. We are happy to discover that Avenor students' projects continue even remotely. Under the guidance of their teacher, Cornelia David, 17 Avenor students passionate about Science attend the Science Fair ACS Fission in Bulgaria. The students compete with 30 other teams from 7 countries. The project's voting session ended on Wednesday, May 20. You can see their projects by accessing this page, in the Junior and Experiment sections.

These projects have also been registered for the "Nikola Tesla" contest, which will be organised in Iași, between May 24th & 29th.

We wish them the best of luck!


Two months of online learning

It's been two months since we have closed the school, two intense months, in which we have learned as much as we would have probably learned in four regular months. There have been thousands of hours online in which we have tried to connect the whole community to a new learning system. Today we look back and mark these two months of online learning that have definitely changed learning forever, not only at Avenor, but around the world. We invite you to read the story of these two months of online learning on our blog: https://bit.ly/2LwUxPm


Drive in movie night

Who said that you cannot watch a movie from a cardboard car? Avenor Nursery children were invited on Thursday, May 14th, to occupy the first row in their own cosy living room and to take part in a ‘Drive-in Movie Night’ in order to watch ‘The Gruffalo’ movie, all together.

Prior to the event, they were invited to accept a fun and engaging challenge: to transform the cardboard, (received in the Home Learning Pack), by using their creative skills in order to create the most original car that their imagination will allow, carefully designed for them to sit in while they watch and enjoy the movie.

thank you note


Rhythmically speaking

Let’s start the week with a rhythmic challenge! Miss Simona, our Year 1 & Music Teacher, is challenging everybody to add some rhythm and sweetness to their Monday schedule. How creative can filling a jar with a set of ingredients be? Play with the words, make some rhymes and let the fun begin!


We are Avenor

We all miss our school. Our classrooms, the laughter on the hallway during breaks, our lunches with friends, the energy on the sports court. But school means much more than that. We invite you to watch a movie which reminds all of us that the only thing that has changed is the place. Teachers and students are still the same.


Online Learning Workshops

We are ready to start the series of workshops organized by Avenor teachers for their colleagues from other schools.

You can see the full schedule in the For Teachers section.

online workshops


Focus on the good

“After the pandemic is over, we won’t go back to how things were before, because we will not be the same people. Every day of self-isolation and restriction teaches you, as parents, things that you did not know you knew before all this”. The full article written by Miss Ioana, PSHE Curriculum Leader, which offers some suggestions on how we can observe the positive side of things during this pandemic, can be accessed here: https://www.avenor.ro/blog/en/focusing-on-the-good-2/. Enjoy your reading!

focus on good


The May Learning Packs are ready

In the first week of May, the Home Learning Pack will be sent to all of the Avenor Nursery children and it includes a printed Activity Booklet, linked to a main monthly theme, containing hands-on activities and useful resources for completing the tasks. Enjoy the exciting pack of activities and get the most out of them!

focus on good


Virtual learning continues at Avenor College

Our students carried on with their online classes after the spring holiday and were happy to see their colleagues and teachers again.

Almost 50 days of online learning have made students more responsible, and teachers more open to technology that can facilitate learning. Iarina, Sabina and Octavian tell us about their experience during this time.


Online learning - a challenge for parents also

How has distance learning changed the ”parenting job”? We invited Iulia, a parent in the Avenor community, to share her experience. She tells us how she managed to adapt to the new reality and to reorganize the space in the house from the perspective of an architect, to support the learning of her two children. Thank you, Iulia, for the creative ideas that we hope will be a source of inspiration for other members of our community.


Seeing sounds

We invite you to see a ‘sweet’ experiment carried out by our Piano Teacher, Miss Silvana. Would you like to see what it is all about? With the help of a glass, some cling film, an elastic band and some sugar, Miss Silvana demonstrates that sound waves travel through air, moving the tiny little particles of sugar, in order to prove that sound is created by vibration. Are you up for a new challenge? Try it for yourselves and observe the amazing result.


Lessons learnt together

We are here. We are together. We grow up together.

17 education passionate Romanians, from Avenor and other schools in Romania and around the world, send a message of solidarity to their students, their parents, their colleagues, and, ultimately, to the world.

Let us take advantage of the moments of reflection that are offered to us, let us rejoice that we are healthy, loved and loving.


Easter Holiday Virtual School

Avenor College students participated at the Easter Holiday Virtual School this week. They played sports, learned new dance steps and developed their creativity. We thank all the teachers for the interesting activities they prepared.


How connecting online has changed the learning journey

The students’ interactions with their teachers and colleagues have moved to virtual platforms, and the admission process has been transformed into a series of Zoom meetings. Find out how we implemented all of these changes and how they impact learning from an interview with Mihaela Ancuta, Mathematics Curriculum Leader at Avenor College. Read it here.

mihaela ancuta


The first month of Virtual Learning at Avenor College

After a month of virtual learning, Sandra, one of our 8th grade students, says that distance is not a hindrance to learning.
On the contrary, learning still goes on due to technology and the connection already established with the teachers and colleagues.
Virtual learning helped her gain more time for individual study and improvement, but she admits she misses school in the way she knew it.


”Easter Holiday Virtual School” Programme

In the first week of the Easter holiday, our teachers of Arts, Music, Drama and Sports will be offering interactive sessions through ZOOM to all Avenor students who want to join them. This program was designed to give children the opportunity to access various interesting learning resources during the holidays, but your attendance is optional.
Moreover, our teachers also thought about the needs of parents in the community and also created an online activity programme for adult learning.

Nursery children will receive a Home Learning Pack, which will include an Activity Booklet, centred on a main theme. It includes detailed activities for each area of learning, as well as educational objectives. At the same time, the package will also include the resources needed to accomplish the tasks proposed by the class teachers. We encourage children to explore the recommended activities, even during the Spring Break, as they have been designed to cover the whole month of April.
At the same time, considering that before the Spring break, the children used to participate in the traditional Egg Hunt, this year we have redesigned this eagerly awaited event. Both parents, children and teachers will be encouraged to take part in a creative challenge during the holiday: Wacky Easter Egg Challenge.




Avenor College is using the 3D printer to make protective visors for the doctors

Wanting to help the medical staff treating patients infected with Covid-19, we decided to use the 3D printer the school usually uses for robotics classes, to make protective visors. The first boxes with protective equipment have already left for Suceava, a quarantine city where doctors are struggling with both the pandemic and the lack of equipment.
In addition to the protective equipment that we can produce in school, we also sent to Suceava County Emergency Hospital any kind of medical equipment or disinfectant we could find. We thank all the members of our community who've already joined us!



Zoom Sessions for all of the Avenor Nursery Groups

From this week, all nursery groups took part in Personal, Social and Emotional Development Zoom meetings. Literacy Zoom sessions have been implemented in Reception and Year 1 groups with the native English teacher.

During the Personal, Social and Emotional Development sessions, children from all age groups re-connected, shared feelings, laughed together, presented favourite toys to their colleagues, introduced their siblings, and presented products of their work on the learning recommendation sent by the teachers. During the Literacy meetings, Reception and Year 1 children took part in reading sessions and revisited the previous learned phonics sounds. All of the activities were held in English, as this is the language used in the nursery.

In order to enable a daily routine, next week children will be engaged in more Zoom interactions with the class teachers according to a specific daily timetable adapted for each age group. Thank you dear parents for all of your help, as all of these meetings would not have been possible without your help.



Music lesson with Miss Ioana

The message of Miss Ioana’s video is related to our world's current situation. It's of great relevance for all of us, from the youngest to the eldest, to understand the importance of staying indoors and taking a break. The song approaches a new musical subject for the young ones, the musical rest.
Stay safe and learn a new song every day!


Miss Ana reads for for the nursery groups

It is story time! Find a cosy place and listen to the ‘Down by the cool of the pool’ (by Tony Mitton Guy Parker - Rees) story, read aloud by Miss Ana for the nursery groups. Eyes are watching, ears are listening, while enjoying the video below.


Avenor College becomes „Acționar de fericire” for Dăruiește Viața Foundation

The amount of money donated by Avenor High School students to Dăruiește Viața, following the Avenor Christmas Charity Fair, last December, is now redirected to help hospitals in Romania to fight COVID-19.The Winter Fair was very successful and raised a lot of money for a children's cancer hospital. This was down to the fantastic work, effort and dedication of all the High School students. We have just received an update from the hospital which you can read here


Avenor College Students Working to Fight COVID-19

A team of high school and middle school students has entered the competition launched by The New York Academy of Sciences and will work together online to find solutions to fight COVID-19. They have 6 weeks to investigate the problems faced by the governments, healthcare systems and infected people and to propose a technology-based solution that will slow the spread of the virus. Our students are coordinated by the Science teacher, Miss Laura, and in this competition they will have the opportunity to interact with teams from all over the world and learn from experts. We are proud of them and we wish them the best of luck!



Let's dance with Miss Simona and Mr. Alexandru

Let’s start the week with some movement in order to charge ourselves with good energy, so join Miss Simona & Mr. Alexandru in their Reception & Year 1 dance tutorial. Are you ready? Play the video and have fun.


Follow you passions even in the virtual world

In this period, Avenor students are invited to follow their passions, and club teachers will offer them support, by creating dedicated video content. To begin with, Simona Haiducu, PE and Ballet Teacher at Avenor and a declared lover of ballet, teaches us, through a video, how to continue the passion for ballet, even at home. We invite you to watch this educational video and dance with us.


Oana, a parent in the Avenor community, talks about Virtual Learning experience, with Ioana, PSHE Curriculum Leader at Avenor

What changes does virtual learning bring to the lives of students and parents?
We invite you to learn more about this video dialogue between Oana, the mother of two children, and Ioana - one of the counsellors of Avenor College and the PSHE Curriculum Leader.
Immediately after the school closed, Ioana invited Oana, a parent in the Avenor community, to a discussion about Virtual Learning and the challenges of a parent in the new era of online learning.


First day of Virtual Learning at Avenor

We were happy to see our children excited about their experience. Find below Teodora`s (grade 8) testimonials and some opinions of our teachers.


The start of virtual learning at Avenor College

From March 13th we will start virtual learning with our students. Parents, please check the Key Stage Learning Plans to prepare together with your child for this new learning experience.

Virtual learning is a new concept in the pre-university education system and it will certainly take time to adapt, but Avenor College teachers are already familiar with the new technology and spent the last two days in intensive training sessions. Also our students have started to test the applications they will use for learning.



Personal Data Privacy Notification

In this special period, by using advanced Virtual Learning Plan technologies, our students and parents should be aware Avenor College is making all reasonable efforts to ensure personal data privacy. All virtual learning applications we are using are GDPR compliant, and our teachers are trained to properly use communication and collaboration platform, according to our Privacy Policy.

You can take care of yourself and of your dear ones by doing the following:

  • Wash your hands
  • Maintain at least 1m distance between you and anyone who is coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid touching your face
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care
  • Remain as much as possible in your home and avoid large crowds

We encourage you to inquire about the incidence of infections with this virus and preventive measures from official sources, such as the WHO website or the website of the National Institute of Public Health in Romania.

It is mandatory to follow the recommendations of Romanian Authorities in these situations.

Click on the links below to access the learning plans for each key stage. Please keep in mind that we will continue to develop and adapt these documents.


Lower Primary

Upper Primary

Middle School

High School

Here you can find the learning plans for specific subjects.

The Avenor parents are involved, dedicated parents who will support their children through this new experience. However, transition to distance learning will be challenging for families. Parents will need to think how to create structures and routines that allow their children to be successful and how to monitor and support their children’s learning.

Some students will thrive with distance learning, while others may struggle. The guidelines provided below are intended to help parents think about what they can do to help their children.

Establish routines

We encourage parents to set regular hours for their children’s school work. Keep normal bedtime routines for younger children and expect the same from your Middle School and High School children, too. Your children should move regularly and take periodic breaks as they study. It is important that parents set these expectations for how their children will spend their days starting as soon as the virtual learning is implemented.

Define the learning space for your child

The space that you usually use for homework may need adjustments if it will host your child’s learning for a long time. We encourage families to extend the area from the child's room to other places (outside of his bedroom). It should be a place that can be quiet at times and have a strong wireless internet signal. It should be a space where parents or relatives are present and monitoring the child. (Depending on the age)

Monitor communications

Teachers will communicate with parents through Engage Portal and with school and highschool students mainly through Google Classroom, when and as necessary. The frequency and detail of these communications will be determined by your children’s ages, maturity, and their degree of independence.

The importance of registration

Students are expected to register (as instructed in the learning plans for each Key stage). Parents are encouraged to ask students what they have learned through the day? What are their learning targets or goals? How will they spend their time? What resources do they require? What support do they need? This brief conversation matters. It allows children to process the instructions they’ve received from their teachers. It helps them organise themselves and set priorities.

Take an active role in helping your child learning

Your child will mostly miss social interaction during the time the school is closed. While some of these social interactions will be re-created on virtual platforms, others will not. Human beings learn best when they have opportunities to process their learning with others. Parents should regularly engage with their children about what they’re learning. However, it’s important that your children own their work; don’t complete assignments for them, even when they are struggling.

Encourage physical activity

Make sure your children remember to move and exercise. This is vitally important to their health, wellbeing, and to their learning. Think also about how your children can contribute more around the house with chores or other responsibilities.

Monitor how much time your child is spending online

We don’t encourage students to spend 7 - 8 hours a day staring at computer screens. Parents should remember most teachers are not experts in virtual learning and it will require some trial-and-error before we find the right balance between online and offline learning experiences.


For questions about learning Contact the form tutor/teacher per each subject
A technology-related question or issue it@avenor.ro
A personal, or social concern Your child's counsellor
Other issue related to distance learning The Key stage coordinator

Students Roles & Responsibilities

General guidelines:

  • Establish daily routines for engaging in the learning experiences
  • Identify a comfortable, quiet space in your home where you can work effectively and successfully
  • Complete assignments with integrity and academic honesty, doing your best work
  • Communicate proactively with your teachers if you cannot meet deadlines or require additional support
  • Collaborate and support your peers in their learning
  • Proactively seek out and communicate with other adults at Avenor College as different needs arise (see below the contact section)

Daily routine for students:

  • Students will long into Zoom and wear uniform during online lessons.
  • Registration start at 8:30, Monday to Friday for School and High School

Students are expected to:

  • Be punctual, available online when the teachers start the lessons
  • Be prepared with all the materials (notebooks, textbooks, all the resources)
  • Follow the instructions of the teachers
  • Use the button raise the hand when they want to ask a question or have an intervention during the lesson
  • Check their Google Classroom accounts for lesson materials
  • Do their homework and submit your projects on time


For questions about learning Contact the form tutor/teacher per each subject
A technology-related question or issue it@avenor.ro
A personal, or social concern Your child's counsellor
Other issue related to distance learning The Key stage coordinator