Darren HugillDarren Hugill 

Director of Learning


I started my leadership journey as the Director of Learning at Avenor College last year. In this new role within Avenor, I am leading learning and teaching from age 2 to 19, hoping to bring a strong sense of direction, and clarity, building on the already positive learning climate that exists here.

I want to ensure that students leave Avenor as “well rounded” individuals, capable of clear informed thinking, as knowledgeable young adults, prepared to change their world for the better.

It is obvious to me that the school is already an organic body, a body that continuously evolves in response to the needs of the students. I am also convinced as a newcomer that Avenor is a school which is embracing the latest thinking in progressive education, by partnering with the Common Ground Collaborative (CGC). I believe that we, as educators, must develop the skills to encourage your children to be the success that they want to be and to guide them, inspire them, and teach them how to learn. The CGC is an opportunity to share best practice and sensibly adopt what will work for our young people stemming from research and innovation undertaken globally.

My journey has brought me to Avenor from Kazakhstan, where I was working as an Advisory Teacher, helping to improve the learning experience of academically gifted students. Prior to that, I was a Consultant Head Teacher working with the UK Specialist Schools Trust. I was selected as a National Leader of Education, as well as being the Head Teacher of one of the most successful schools in the UK. I have also had experience of teaching and management in the USA and in Spain.

On a personal level, I was married and have two beautiful daughters, Rebecca (11) and Charlotte (19). Charlotte is currently training to be a Primary School teacher in Manchester, and Rebecca is developing as a very capable sportsperson. I had Romanian friends in the UK and was introduced to the excellent Romanian food and culture, and so when a rare opportunity arose to be part of Avenor future, it was a natural progression.