Gillian Carroll

Gillian Carroll

Science Teacher


I have over 20 years teaching experience in a variety of schools in the UK. I love Physics, it is an amazing subject. It is logical, it is clear, it makes you ask questions, it helps you solve problems, it can lead you into Metaphysics and Philosophy, or it can help you diagnose and treat diseases, or it can make your car more efficient: the possibilities are endless.

I graduated in 1991 from the University of Edinburgh and then spent a few years doing research at the University of Salford into Photonics and subsequently obtained a Master’s Degree for my work. Whilst at Edinburgh, I discovered my love for teaching. I did a lot of voluntary work helping the poorest in society and the homeless with literacy and numeracy. I saw that education could be life changing.

It would be a few years before the teaching and the Physics finally came together and I qualified as a Physics Teacher. I have also taught the other Sciences and Maths for examination and extra-curricular Religion & Philosophy and Critical Thinking. Pastoral work for the full range of pupils in the IGCSE and A level years has always featured heavily in my schedule; life skills, encouraging creativity, coping with stress and friendship issues, helping with careers, work experience and university choices are all part of what I can do.

I am well aware that not everyone will share my enthusiasm for Physics.  My goal is to make sure that everyone will reach the level they are capable of and that they will be proud of their achievements. When I was training to teach, the often repeated phrase was “telling isn’t teaching”. To teach involves so much more than telling someone the facts and telling them what to do. To teach is an honour and a responsibility - it involves leading and encouraging and giving students the skills and resilience to pick themselves up from their mistakes and face the challenges of life with confidence. There is no better job!

My students back in the UK remember me for my patience, humour and enthusiasm. If you asked them they would tell you that I am always available for help and encouragement.

This is not a country or a school I chose at random to teach in simply because there was a job available. For many reasons, I am very happy to be at Avenor and to be in Romania. This is an amazing, beautiful and vibrant country and it already feels like home.