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Adina Marica
Adina Marica

Reception Green Teacher

My name is Adina Marica and I am very happy to join the Avenor Reception Green team for a fourth year.

I graduated from the University of Sibiu, Faculty of English and French Literature in 2010. However, my passion for teaching arose as far back as High School when I used to help my colleagues complete their English homework.

Since 2012, I have been so blessed to have embraced such a wonderful career. What could possibly be more satisfying than having the opportunity to shape a child’s development from such a very early age?
Furthermore, I must admit that since I have become a mother things have changed a little. I have been trying to improve my skills, being more attentive to detail and to children’s needs in order to find the right methods for them when facing everyday challenges.

I also graduated in Music and Dance from the Music and Arts High School and this passion of mine has undoubtedly helped me when finding innovative ways of catching the children’s attention and, in turn, increasing their own level of involvement.

I am looking forward to being one of the “Shapers” in this very professional and well organised environment and working alongside a very special team at Avenor Nursery.