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Alexandra Pieloiu
Alexandra Pieloiu

Nursery Green Teacher

I am an enthusiastic and creative person who likes to be around children, to guide them through activities and, at the same time, discover their wonderful universe. 

After graduating from university, I started to take care of two little children. I had the opportunity to play freely and also to organise and involve them in activities, such as reading stories, painting, crafting or modelling. It was then that, I understood how different each child is and how diverse their needs can be; when one might benefit more from discussions or exploring activities, the other might need more opportunities to build on self-confidence and develop social relationships.

Being willing to find out more about children’s personal and cognitive development, I have started to collaborate with ‘Scoala de la Piscu’ where I have learnt more about how to communicate with children and how to organise interesting interdisciplinary activities. There, I enjoyed helping to prepare modelling, painting and pottery activities for them.

Three years ago, I furthered my teaching experience when I joined the Avenor Nursery team. I have learnt even more about important features of the teaching and learning process of toddlers. I have learned a lot from my own team members on how to provide a good learning environment according to their needs in which they can feel safe and free to explore it. 

I believe that I have the skills, desire and responsibility to become an exceptional member of the Avenor Nursery Team. I am looking forward to continuing my journey towards this.