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Ana Popescu
Ana Popescu

Year 1 Green Teacher

My name is Ana Popescu and in 2002 I graduated from the "Faculty of Philology" in Bucharest with a major in English language and literature. Later on, in 2005, I took classes at SNSPA University "Studii Administrative Europene" master. In 2017, I started to study at The Faculty of “Pedagogy for Primary and Preschool Teachers”.

I have been teaching English for more than 8 years now. I started teaching in an elementary school in Bucharest when I was still at college and continued teaching for the "I. N Socolescu" High School until I decided to change my career and was employed in a multinational company as part of the business support team. After that, I lived in the USA for a while where I was exposed to the American educational system which I found to be very interesting and innovative.

Once I became a mother and realised how important the first years of my children's lives were I became totally committed to raising them with utmost responsibility and dedication. I have since realised that what defines us as people starts in the first few years of life and that is why I chose to be a teacher trainer at Fastrakids Bucharest.

I found out there is a different way to teach children by engaging them in the way that they learn naturally. I focused more on young learners because early childhood is the most critical developmental time period in a child’s learning and thinking skills, as well as emotional and social intelligence. Deep down in my heart, I believe that all children deserve the opportunity to develop their potential for a successful future.

And now, here am I in my fourth year, being a part of the Avenor team, a team of professional and kind people who treat everything with sincerity and go above and beyond to do their best for the children.

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