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Ana Maria Cărăulașu
Ana Maria Cărăulașu

Nursery Blue Teacher

My name is Ana-Maria Cărăulașu and I am very excited to be starting my third year with Avenor.

I find working with children to be what I enjoy most; I chose to go to a specific high school in order to learn more about their psychological development, their needs and how to properly interact with them.

I graduated from the Elena Cuza Pedagogical High School (Bucharest) in 2009 and studied Psychology & Educational Sciences at the University of Bucharest (specialising in pedagogy), graduating in 2013. I have worked with children since 2007, first as a teacher in a Christian Sunday School and as a volunteer in summer camps. In 2009, I started working with children full-time, as a teacher in a Bucharest kindergarten. In 2017, I obtained my teaching degree (Definitivat).

This will be my ninth year working as a teacher, and also the first one after becoming a mother myself! I am looking forward to using what I have learned from this new and fulfilling experience in the teaching years ahead of me.  Working at Avenor, each year has been special, revealing important things about how to interact with different kinds of personalities, depending on their specific needs. I am inspired by this quote from Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world".

This explains why I have found the process of education so important and fascinating. It has great power and can help us make a difference in this world, starting from birth. I feel proud to be able to contribute to this process, to influence, motivate and help children to find the best in themselves and bring their skills to fruition.